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Stylist: Amy Colvin

***Amy Colvin is now at Pyure Salon 3355 Briarfield Blvd. Maumee, OH 43537 419-861-4000** Visted last night and my curls are thanking me.

Reviewed on 05.14.10

Stylist: Amy Colvin

I cannot say enough good things about Amy. She was first recommended to me by my sister a couple of years ago, before I even knew I was a curly. It must have been fate, because it just so happens Amy did my big chop, and we were both shocked to find how curly I was, and I was in luck, as she comes so highly recommended for curlies, and she completely lives up to the hype! She helped me figure out my texture and porosity, and she gave me a fantastic dry cut. She took the time to cut each curl and make sure it looked right. She even told me to call her in the next week or so if I find that there is any "touching up" that needs to be done! Unfortunately, she is going to be leaving Shamas within the next 4 weeks, but rest assured, I will be following her wherever she goes!!

Reviewed on 02.15.10

Stylist: Amy

My first visit of letting Amy work her magic on my natrually curly hair. Amy explainded every step I need to do to achieve the look I want. My hair is thin and curly . when I walked out I felt pretty younger. My husband the biggest hair critic just loved it. I woke up the next moring just ran my fingers through my hair and it look like it did just after Amy created her wonder. Love the due and will keep returning ..

Reviewed on 04.12.09

Stylist: Amy Colvin

Finally! I get to tell the world (well maybe not the WORLD..tee hee hee) how amazing my Amy Colvin is. Amy have been working on my curly, crazy, mess for close to 16 years now and I just have to say that she is one of the very best! Having naturally curly hair it was hard for me to find someone who actually knew what they were doing when giving me a cut. Since Amy has had curly hair herself, (when she was pregnant, if I remember correctly), she has been a absolute savior for me! I am the kind of girl that goes in and says...."Do whatever you want, just make me beautiful!" LOL Many times I will show her a picture and if it is not a good cut for my hair type, Amy will tell me and direct me to something much more flattering for me. As stubborn as I can be sometimes, I always remember that SHE is the expert~ not me! It is not easy to find someone who knows how to work on curly hair and I thank God that I found Amy way back when I did because now I know, regardless of whether I wear it curly or go for a sexy straight look, it will always look amazing because of Goddess of Hair! Ok, I guess that I have gone on long enough, but if you are looking for someone who totally rocks the newest and hottest styles while staying within the perimiters of what "your" hair can actually do, Amy is your girl! And don't even get me started on her Updos! Now that's a whole other level of greatness!! ;) Joanne M. Kitzler, Perrysburg

Reviewed on 04.09.09

Stylist: Amy Colvin

I went to see Amy Colvin after reading the great reviews here. I was sadly disappointed. She truly was at a loss on how to deal with my curls. The conditioner she used on me caused my curls to grow very big and fuzzy, and loose their definition. she asked if I probably had gotten compliments on my curls. She also NEVER has had curly hair, so I'm not sure what that other poster was talking about.

Reviewed on 04.06.09

Stylist: Amy Colvin

I found Amy from the reviews on this website and have had my hair cut by her twice. Amy is very gentle and cuts each curl dry. She truly has an artistry for shaping. She understands and respects the "no shampoo" philosophy. Her product recommendation was also spot on - my hair has NEVER been so healthy. Amy has shown me that curls truly do not crunch.

Reviewed on 03.26.09

Stylist: Amy Colvin

I found Amy after reading reviews on this website. I'm so thankful for it! I've been going to her for almost a year now, and I finally got to love my curly hair. What I like about the cuts I get from Amy is how my hair holds its shape. Three weeks after a haircut it looks different but still very nice. I don't have to use products on my hair or style it for hours - just blow dry it and ready to go!

Reviewed on 11.26.08

Stylist: Amy Colvin

I've been going to Amy Colvin for several years now. My hair is longer and healthier than it has been in years. Amy is so gentle and treats every one of my curls with care! I would highly recommend her to anyone with naturally curly hair. She's a real expert.

Reviewed on 08.05.08

Stylist: Amy Colvin

Amy is very good with curly hair. She carefully cut my hair dry paying attention to the curls. Her product recommendations were excellent. I would highly recommend her for anyone in NW Ohio.

Reviewed on 10.05.07

Stylist: Amy Colvin

I also went to Amy at Shamas and was really satisfied with my style. I have never had a hair cut that I liked. I always run home from the salon and have to restyle it myself, but Amy really knew how to cut and treat curly hair. She has curyl hair herself and obviously knows how to take care of it.

Reviewed on 07.12.07