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Stylist: Bradley Garcia

I usually have very long (naturally curly, obv) hair. I went to Bradley for color correction, and--as often happens with hair stylists--he did a great job a few times. After going to him for about a year, however, he royally wrecked my hair. I'm not sure what he left in my hair, but I had noticed a bit of a smell on my way home. When I got home to look over my hair in the mirror I noticed that it looked kinda like straw. I touched my hair AND IT STARTED ROLLING OFF IN MY FINGERS!!! I quickly rinsed my hair, but it was still rolling off. I washed it with baby shampoo, but my hair was like pieces of plastic/corn silk--for lack of a better description. JUST HORRENDOUS! When I went to another hairdresser she was horrified and wouldn't touch it, but said I was lucky I washed it out or I would've been *bald*. It's been almost two years, and I still have to get regular cuts instead of trims so that I will EVENTUALLY end up with "new" hair.

REVIEWED BY: Guest  |  5.31.07