Cypress Ave

1601 S Utica Ave
Tulsa, OK 74104

User Reviews

Stylist: Amanda

Sorry, but this is a negative review. When I called the salon and explained that I have lots of very tricky, very curly hair (type 4), they reassured me that Amanda would have no problems. (She gets lots of curly-haired clients from this site, they told me.) She may work well with some clients, but my hair is a disaster. She didn't do a dry cut (which I should have insisted on). The layers she put in my wet hair are EXTREMELY uneven. I don't feel like I can wear my hair down right now. And it's far shorter than I had anticipated (even though I told her that my hair shrinks up even more than other curly hair). It's partially my fault--I rarely get my hair done, because it always ends in frustrations like these. I have a hard time insisting that I know my hair better than she can. Still, my overwhelming feeling is that she didn't listen to what I DID tell her. I felt like she was more intent on telling me what I was doing wrong than helping me find a cut and style that would work for me personally.

Reviewed on 02.24.06