Caracalla Spa

5715 Kavanaugh Blvd
Little Rock, AR 72207

User Reviews

Stylist: Tommy

Based on the reviews on NaturallCurly, I made an appointment, and I was not disappointed. I was nervous and Tommy immediately put me at ease. He took his time, found out my routine and did his best to replicate it. He commiserated with me about the trials of having curly hair. He told me what he was going to do, before he did it and he actually did what I asked him to instead of what he wanted. I loved how my hair looked when he was finished. He did not try to convince me that I had to come back in four weeks. He advised me to come back when I needed too. If you go to this spa, you have to tip in cash. They do not let you put it on your credit card. So be prepared. Thank you Tommy. I will be back.

Reviewed on 11.01.08

Stylist: Tommy Harris

I have very thick/course, curly/wavy hair and I wanted it short. He started gradually, and the shorter he went the more I loved it. He has the same kind of hair so he understands what it takes to make it look great. He takes his time and cuts each individual curl, so it lays wonderfully. I don't even dry it some times because it falls exactly where it should and it looks great either way. He uses a diffuser and doesn't rush anything. Which I miss. I no longer drive that far, and I no longer get compliments on my hair which I also miss. I recommend him so highly because he is the only one who has ever given me that "great hair". He stays busy so call him in advance. His clients are repeat and long standing.

Reviewed on 05.16.07