Reflections Salon

91049 South Willamette Street
Coburg, OR 97408

User Reviews

Stylist: Clinton Rushing

Just like the other posting said, Clinton is amazing! He started cutting my hair when it was almost down to my waist, and he was able to make that look even better. Recently I had him cut off alot of hair, I had never been completely happy with shorter hair, but he has made it look incredible! I love it! My husband, who was very fearful of me going short, also thinks it looks fantastic. Clinton is a curl master.

Reviewed on 09.23.07

Stylist: Clinton Rushing

I can't say enough about this guy! He listened to eveything I said I wanted and spent plenty of time until my hair was just right. I felt like a million bucks walking out! My husband came with me and even he was impressed! If you don't leave your salon appointments feeling amazing, you should be and this is the place to do it.

Reviewed on 04.13.07