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Stylist: Amie

Just a quick FYI: this salon is now closed for business & the stylist have all gone their separate ways. I went to the salon after being referred by a co-worker (who has PERFECT curly hair!) who could not say enough nice things about Amie. I have had some terrifying experiences at a few different places & thought it would be good to go to someone who knew what they were doing with curly hair. After talking to Amie & having her cut my hair dry (which I had never had done before) I was VERY excited about the cut & was in tears on the way home; happy tears. Two appointments later it happened, the BIG LET DOWN! Amie didn’t show up for my appt. I was 5 minutes late (and had called to inform her that there was a wreck on the freeway & I would be a few minutes late. The receptionist said-not a problem, Amie wasn’t in yet either.) I showed up and Amie still wasn’t there. I was asked if I would like a cup of coffee while I waited. I waited 20 minutes; no Amie & no coffee. 25 more minutes went by and no coffee; no Amie. The receptionist asked me if I was sure I had an appointment for that morning. They checked the books & there I was. They tried calling her, but there was no answer. Then we all started getting worried. After another 30 minutes, I went home. She called me 5 hours later and asked if I wanted to reschedule & she would do it whenever was convenient for me (since I did live 22 miles away). She wouldn’t make an appt on her day off, before hours or after hours. I went in for my appointment, got my hair cut but was not offered a discount and no for the inconvenience. Due to the lack of customer service, coming from the owner-nonetheless, I did not go back. She is at a different salon now, and I wish her the best of luck. She is a good stylist, but I never got that “personable” feeling from her and I definitely was disappointed in the lack of customer service for sure!

Stylist: Aimee

Aimee has been cutting my hair for about 3 years now and is fabulous. She is the most consistent, informative, curly-knowledgeable stylist I've ever had. My hair grows quite fast but thanks to Aimee's skilled touch I only have to go in about every 8-12 weeks! One note though, DLS has closed. Aimee is now at Wack Salon 800 E Burnside St Portland, OR 97214-1221 (503) 232-9225. I know at least one other stylist from DLS is there with her, but I am not sure what her name is. Two thumbs up for Aimee!

Stylist: Amie

Amie cut my hair twice. It was okay. My hair is fine and wavy-curly, and what she calls "custom" layers just didn't really work that well.

Reviewed by Janabi on 12.1.08

Stylist: Chai

Oh. My. Word. Chai is absolutely the BEST!!! She listened to what I wanted and then gave me her advice. She follows all the CG "rules" and gave me a fantastic cut. I don't think I'll ever go anywhere else to get my hair cut. They don't carry tons of products, but do carry a few. She spent over an hour on my hair and only charged $45. I was shocked at the attention she paid to my hair!!! You owe it to yourself to check her (and the salon) out.

Stylist: Amie

I went twice, just thinking that maybe it was something I did. Amie had great luck with my hair, at least while is was still partically wet. It was curling in all the right places and it even was curly at the roots which was a first! But Amie was kind of mean to me. My hair FRIZZES, that is the hardest part of my hair. As soon as my hair started to dry Amie "frizz-proof" was gone and I was a 1980's frizz ball. My hair cut itself was uneven and she didn't even take off the split ends. All in all, if you need someone to insult the "control" you have over your hair, then Amie is the person to go to.

Stylist: Shannon/Chai

Both Shannon and Chai have been doing my hair for years, and I recommend to everyone I know, including my kids and boyfriend that they go to these girls..If you have long, straight, curly or wavy hair your head is in good hands with these ladies. style is their profession and they are the best. I consider DLS to be a second home when it comes to hair, skin care and all that stuff. Both Chai and Shannon deserve the highest marks when it comes to managing curly and wavy out of control hair.. Thanks guys!! we love you:)) ps. the boy in the back who gives amazing facials and does brows like a dream is also worth checking out!

Reviewed by Guest on 1.2.08

Stylist: Chai

I hate to break the streak, but when I went in with my long curly hair she ended up taking off a LOT even though I told her I did not want to lose much, and the style she gave me was "soccer-mom" for sure. Maybe just a bad day?

Reviewed by Guest on 11.30.07

Stylist: Amie

Thanks to all of you who recommended Amie. I saw her today and I literally cried on the way home I was so happy! Finally someone who understands my hair. Amie really knows her stuff.

Reviewed by Guest on 8.4.07

Stylist: Amie

I just moved away from Portland after having my hair done by Amie for over two years and already I am pining for her skilled hand! Amie knows curly hair, from the cuts to the styles to the products. She does a fabulous job!

Reviewed by Guest on 7.11.07

Stylist: Amie

After getting my first "dry cut" from Amie, I've noticed several asymmetrical curls that hang lower on one side than the other. Overall it was okay but I've definitely had a better customer service experience, even when I got horrible haircuts. tried to stay positive and just bit my tongue. Then when it came to styling she had to ASK "I'm guessing you want me to wash your hair, too?" I handed my card over to a very distracted cashier and WAS GOING TO schedule anotherd appointment for a trim a couple months later but they didn't even look at me when taking my card or handing me my receipt and just ignored me afterward until I said, "Nevermind," and left. I will NOT be going back here again.

Reviewed by Guest on 5.25.07

Stylist: Amie

Amie has been cutting my hair and my 5-year-old daughter's hair for about 1 1/2 years and I've been happy with every haircut which is a first for me with a stylst and I'm 45. I drive two hours from Eugene for Amie because she is just that good. She is truly there for curly girls and has started carrying the Devacurl line. Amie rocks.

Reviewed by Guest on 8.20.06

Stylist: Aime

Unable to find a stylist to properly cut my hair, for years I would usually just let my sister trim the ends. After moving to Portland and reading about Aime, I decided to give her a try. She explained what she thought would be best for my hair before she started cutting. Although I was still wary of her "dry cutting" my hair, her calmness about it was comforting. She suggested products and books that I had never heard of before. My hair felt and looked great when I left and also months later. A little tip... It sounds crazy (because I like to go to the salon with dirty, messing hair) but if she is going to dry cut your hair, come in with it washed and styled the way you normally do it.

Reviewed by Guest on 7.26.06

Stylist: Chai

I got a cut here on July 22nd from Chai, and I love, love, love it! This is the best haircut I ever gotten. I have 3c corkscrew curls; she barely took any length off rather cut a lot of layers all around to reduce the bulk and create lots of piecey ringlets. She is very kind and has a good sense of humor. Thank you, Chai.

Reviewed by Guest on 7.23.06

Stylist: Chai Josie

Chai has been cutting and coloring my supercurly hair for years..I trust her implicitly and she never lets me down,,even letting her put in a WHOLE head of extensions that I loved, I actually felt like a rock star..If you ever want a good cut please see Chai or Denise or the girls at DLS because they will take care of you in style..and the tweezing and massage is a sweet bonus. They are usually really busy so call ahead!!!

Reviewed by Guest on 4.16.06

Stylist: Chai

Okay...I went to this salon with high hopes. My hair was long and one length and needed some help to bring out the curls a bit better. Chai was perfectly nice - I only wish I could say that about the cut she gave me. She used a razor to cut with and for some reason it took curl out of my hair. Now with my hair all different layers, unless I put tons of product in my hair to make it curl, it is a listless pile of hay. I finally got my hair trimmed to begin growing this out and the stylist said a razor should never be used to cut your hair and that my hair was very damaged. I can't recommend using this salon unless they leave the razors out of it. I never went back to complain about my cut because I didn't want anymore cut off-it was short enough. So, to be fair, they may have been able to help me with it.

Reviewed by Guest on 4.13.06

Stylist: Chai

For $40, Chai gave me the funkiest, most face-flattering cut my curls have ever seen. I have rock star hair! She spent a few minutes before she started cutting just chatting about what I'd like to do—and was so excited when she found out I was going for a big change! She cuts dry, of course, and refers to working with curly hair as being "like sculpting," which I thought was both sweet and apt. She's quite good at reading her customer—she could tell when I started to get nervous. I couldn't be happier with the experience or the result. Chai's my new go-to girl for curls.

Reviewed by Guest on 3.29.06

Stylist: Amie

I had read about Amie on this site so I decided to make an appointment for my daughter Alex. She is mixed African American/Caucasian and has a beautiful thick, curly head of hair. She had tons of curls halfway down her back but it was hard to maintain. She is only 6 1/2 so most of the care falls on Mom. Amie did a great job of cutting her hair to a more manageable shoulder length and I could really tell she knew what she was doing. She cut her hair while it was dry and just worked at it until it looked right. Alex LOVES her haircut and is learning to take care of her own hair. We will definitely be repeat customers! Kris W.

Reviewed by Guest on 2.19.06