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User Reviews (2)

Stylist: Missy

After reading a review about Illusions and Missy on, I made an appointment. She gave me a great haircut, I'm very satified. She really knows how to cut curly hair. I highly recommend her.

REVIEWED BY: Guest  |  5.8.07

Stylist: Missy

I went to Illusions just to get an eyebrow wax and met Missy for the first time about a year ago. We instantly hit it off and she talked me into letting her cut and style my curly hair. She did an amazing job with the cut, style and color. She really has a knack for knowing what to do with curls. I have been a regular customer now and look forward to each visit. I let her try new styles and I am always satisfied. The cost was 1/3 of what it cost me at other salons with "curly hair" specialists. The salon is a full service salon and spa and a very pleasant place to be.

REVIEWED BY: Guest  |  3.24.07