2126 Darby Road
Havertown, PA 19041

User Reviews

Stylist: Voula

OK cut but the climate is too catty here.

Reviewed on 03.16.17

Stylist: Voula

WOW!!! It's so nice to find someone who was truly trained to cut curly hair and not just say they know how. Voula has proven that time and time again. It's the first time for me that I have not been disappointed after the first or second cut. I have actually been stopped many times and asked "who cuts your hair? It's beautiful." Thank you Voula!

Reviewed on 01.30.11

Stylist: Voula

I recommend getting your hair cut here! Voula has actually been trained in cutting curly hair! I always like the cut but not necessarily how it was styled, but that's O.K. because the cut is always what i ask for. Also, Voula can cut short curly hair. Which i have, and I have always had a problem with someone knowing how to cut it with out it looking ridiculous.

Reviewed on 10.18.10

Stylist: Voula

My regular stylist decided to extend her vacation and I got a little desparate/adventurous and decided to try a new place. I got a better haircut and the highlights are actually softer than usual. I'm hooked. Voula knows how to cut curly hair. The salon is very nice as well and the prices are reasonable for a high-end place. Although I was tempted to have the wine, I opted for the iced greek coffee instead. It was delicious!

Reviewed on 08.18.06