1605 Walnut Street
Rittenhouse Square
Philadelphia, PA 19103

User Reviews

Stylist: Truc

She is fantastic! I have been looking for a stylest for the longest time. She listened to what I wanted. She knew not to cut my hair too short or it will all stand straight up in the air. She asked me what I do in the morning and what products I use. I got a really cute angled cut that has layers to add volume to my thin and super curly curls.

Reviewed on 11.02.10

Stylist: Brandi

I had a very good first visit with Brandi, a stylist at a national, high-end, full service salon called Bubbles in downtown Philly. She is one of the top stylists at the salon, and travels around the country training other stylist on the latest techniques. My hair was very dry, and above all I needed a trim for my shoulder length 3C hair. She made suggestions (a eucalyptus/egg yolk treatment to restore moisture), and explained every step of the process including the active ingredients of the products, and what their purpose was. I actually got my hair straightened, but emphasized to her that I am a curlygirl. She is very knowledgeable about curlies, and the products she used are for both curly or blown out styles. Despite the fact that I was getting it straightened that particular day, she explained to me what I would do to keep my curly style in top form. She really listened to my needs. The cut was great, and my hair looked amazing. I've since washed it and gone back to curly, and I love the shape of my hair. The services and products are a little pricey, but definitley worth it. She also did a great job on my tweezing my eyebrows. She is a GREAT curly stylist, and she is great at straightening curlies when you're in the mood for that.

Reviewed on 12.28.07

Stylist: Brandi

I have been going to Brandi for almost three years now. She gives a great cut and trim. She is all about healthy hair. I think the salon is reasonably priced and i usually go during lunch for my trim amd are done in an hour. I have 3c hair though i have seen her do all types

Reviewed on 11.13.07