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Stylist: Michael A.

Once I decided to donate my hair to Locks of Love, I was both extremely excited and nervous. I was excited to help out a child who would like hair and it was also time for me to do something different with my hair. But I was nervous because I didn't want to look like a boy! I'm almost 16 years old, which is not exactly a time to look like a person of the opposite sex. However, after receiving my awesome haircut from Michael, I realized my fears were ridiculous. He gave me the best haircut of my life (so far). I absolutely love everything about my hair right now. It's beautiful and healthy and all of my friends and family love it too. People stop me in the hallways at school to tell me how much they like it. 10 inches were cut off, which is a pretty significant amount, especially for someone with hair as curly as mine. I can’t even fully describe how great my hair looks or how much I love it. I couldn’t have asked for a better haircut! And not only does my hair look wonderful, Michael was a pleasure to talk to and the salon’s atmosphere is great. :]

Reviewed on 11.09.10

Stylist: Robert Woolfort

Where do I begin??? This was the best experience of my life!!! I have had curly frizzy frizzed hair for years - and was in complete denial of what I could have! I know they say the grass is always greener on the other side, but honestly, this is the greenest it could be! I had my hair done approx 2 weeks ago - and I went from using product after product -and having it take 15 min to dry my hair witha diffuser -then putting more product in my hair - no to mention the handful of conditioner I woudl go thru each time I washed my hair - and now...I use a special shampoo and conditioner - and viola - its amazing - my frizz is gone - and my hair is straight. I use barely any product at all - and I have very long hair!!! And it is silky smooth like strings of silk - no lie - its unreal!!! It has a little wave which adds a lot of body to the straight look - my friends are amazed at how amazing it looks - and people who havent seen me - dont reconize me - ITS THE BEST CHOICE I EVER MADE!!! Go see Robert Woolfort - that is who did my hair - and you WILL NOT REGRET IT!!!

Reviewed on 08.05.10

Stylist: Michael A

I went to this salon solely based on reviews from this site. Unfortunately, my expectations were not met. I gave Michael a picture of me from a previous haircut as an example of what to avoid. I clearly stated that I didn't want my hair to be much shorter, just shaped because it was not layered at all. Upon seeing the picture, he said, "Oh, that's too short. I'll just do a trim and shape it a bit." I thought we were on the same page. Although he didn't cut it as short as the previous stylist had, it was still shorter than I wanted it. He put crunchy gel in my hair, rather than something with a more natural finish, which I told him I preferred. It's a few days later since the cut and I am not happy with it. It's really not as nicely layered as I'd hope and is looking more like pyramid with small pieces sticking out from the back of my head. I'm hoping it will grow enough in time for my October wedding and I'll be going elsewhere to get it styled for that day. Finally, although Michael is personable, he cursed into my ear loudly several times. I have a pottymouth and am far from a prude but seeing as though this was our first meeting, I found the frat boy attitude unprofessional and it took away from the relaxing experience I like to have at a salon. I would never get my haircut here again and can't recommend it for women with 3C-type, tighter curls. I don't think that curly type is his forte despite his claims of being a curly expert.

Reviewed on 07.06.10

Stylist: Michael

I love the salon and the location, but I read everyone's reviews and I feel like I must not have gone to the same guy. He's nice and personable. But this was NOT a hair cut for curly hair. I got a standard wet haircut that I could have received anywhere. He combed it straight and cut it as if I had straight hair. I had to go crawling back to my old hair dresser to fix me. Don't get me wrong, it looked lovely when I wore it straight. But I looked like a big bell when I tried to wear it curly. I do not recommend this stylist for curly hair!!

Reviewed on 03.25.10

Stylist: Michael A

Just like everyone else has written, Michael is a genius!!! He knew exactly what to do with my hair and I love it. Not to mention that he kept me laughing the entire time I was there. If you have curly hair, you simply MUST see Michael A.

Reviewed on 03.12.10

Stylist: Rob Wolfe

I have very thick, long curly hair that I rarely wear curly. If I wear it curly, it will be up in some manner. I have been going to Michael A. for over a year and have been happy with his cuts and highlights. Rob Wolfe's station is behind Michaels, so I have been able to see his results while I am there. I decided to go to Rob for Keratin straightening, which I LOVE!! I have had Japanese thermal treatments before and I like the Keratin much better. I needed a haircut and trim before my friends wedding and Michael was not working on the day that I wanted to have it done. I scheduled an appointment with Rob instead and decided to give him a chance. I am so glad that I did. He did fabulous highlights and gave me one of the best haircuts of my life. He really listened to what I wanted (Eva Longoria hair)and makes you feel very relaxed. I am usually stressed when going to someone for the first time, however I was totally relaxed with him. I am shocked that he does not have any reviews on this site. He does a great job and is also a very nice, humble guy. Thank you Rob!!!!! - Alison

Reviewed on 10.31.09

Stylist: Michael Antinore

Two weeks ago I received THE best haircut and color of my life at East End Salon. I have struggled in the past with stylists that just don't know what to do with my curly hair. I almost gave up hope until I met Michael Antinore. Not only did Michael and the staff at East End make me feel right at home, he took the time to explain exactly what he was doing to my hair. He also recommended some great products that I have used over the past two weeks and the condition of my hair is wonderful. If you have curly hair and have searched for a curly hair stylist look no further; the solution to your problem is Michael Antinore at East End Salon.

Reviewed on 10.30.09

Stylist: Michael

First the good news: East End has a very down to earth feel to it, and Michael is very easy going and has a great sense of humor. Now the not-so-good news: He didn't do anything different for me, given my curly hair, than the myriad other "chain salon" hairdressers I've gone to over the years. I had gone to him after reading the reviews posted by others here, and as I sat in his chair I wondered if I'd put the wrong address into my GPS. When he was done cutting, he asked if I wanted a "blowout", and I said I didn't, that I inteded to wear it curly. He put some "product" in my wet hair and sent me on my way. I didn't see anything in his approach or technique that suggested he has any special training or interest in curly hair. Since then, I've had my hair cut by a Deva trained stylist, and the difference is immense. So, while Michael is a great guy and I'm certain a fine stylist with lots of experience, I cannot recommend him for curly hair.

Reviewed on 09.30.09

Stylist: Michael A.

I went to Michael after reading the reviews on this site. I was very pleased with my first haircut and have made another visit. Michael's understanding of curly hair is refreshing after years of frustration with hairstyles, haircuts, and stylists. Michael is a lot of fun to be around and the salon is a wonderful setting. I drive over the bridge from New Jersey just to get my hair cut from Michael.

Reviewed on 06.10.09

Stylist: Michael A

Let me join the chorus! Michael A. was simply amazing. Armed with photos for him to reference, I was prepared to struggle with an explanation of what I wanted, didn’t want, and hated about my hair. As a scare tactic, my photos included the before and after of my last butchering. Within 5 seconds of seeing the before & after photo, Michael was hysterical with amazement – and promised that I wouldn’t have the same experience with him. I walked out of East End Salon feeling purely happy, with very little product in my hair and very simple (if not remedial) styling tips from Michael. I got in my car excited to see the result of my new cut once it dried. My head felt lighter and my hair softer. I was already thrilled. So, my fellow curly headed Philadelphians – RUN TO EAST END SALON and enjoy the experience of a talented stylist who listens to, understands and enjoys the people sitting in his chair. It will be the perfect beginning, break from, or end to your day.

Reviewed on 06.07.09

Stylist: Michael A.

Finally someone who knows how to cut curly hair! Today I had an appointment with Michael A. and I truly think this is the best haircut I have had as long as I can remember. Over the years, I have had cuts from many stylists in many parts of the country and finally I have found someone who listens and knows his stuff! And not only can he cut hair, but he gave me fabulous color and highlights as well. In addition, not only was Michael great, but my experience with the front desk and the assistants was pleasant too. Ladies with curls....if you need a great hair cut and/or color and finally want to get your money's worth and look awesome when you leave you gotta go see Michael A. !"

Reviewed on 06.04.09

Stylist: Michael A

I waited two weeks to write this review so that I could really play around with my new haircut. Michael A does WONDERS. I have always struggled with my curly hair and to deal with it I have either straightened it or just put it up. Now I have no problem wearing it down curly because Michael cut it perfectly and the curls no longer overwhelm my (petite) face. He really listened to what I envisioned and then did his magic. Talking to Michael was so much fun and he made the experience so easy. I HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend Michael A at East End if you have curly hair, but also the salon, in general, for all hair types. It is a really unique place with a lot of character. I am from Boston, but go to school in Philadelphia so I am relieved, but also thrilled to have found such a great hair salon and stylist. Thanks Michael!

Reviewed on 05.06.09

Stylist: Michael A.

I've been to dozens of salons in Center City and was never really pleased with the results. I finally tried Michael after reading the reviews here, and I'm so glad I did. My hair looks great!! The curls just fall into place since the cut is so good. I really had a great time with Michael. He's a really funny guy, so I was not at all stressed like I usually am when getting a cut. The atmosphere is really homey, not at all cold and sterile like some salons, and the other employees seemed really nice. I usually only get my hair cut about three times a year, but I'm sure I'll be heading back to Michael in September. Oh -- one more thing. It didn't cost a fortune !!!

Reviewed on 03.20.09

Stylist: Michael A.

I recently had my haircut for the 2nd time by Michael A. I absolutely love my cut!!!! I have searched high and low for a stylist who knows how to cut curly hair. They all claim to know how but when it comes down to it my cuts were horrible!! I have never had a haircut I love!!! i am so happy that I have found Michael and east End Salon!!! I would recommend him to anyone who has curly hair you will leave feeling great. Not only is he a great stylist but he is funny and makes you feels comfortable!!!!

Reviewed on 03.13.09

Stylist: Michael A

If you have curly hair and live in the Philadelphia region, Michael should be cutting your hair. I love my curls, and have had cuts in the past that I thought were good, but turned out to be nothing compared to the amazing job Michael does. My hair always looks great straight out of the salon, and grows out beautifully for months after (which is great since I live in Boston now, and am only in Philly a couple times a year). I've also sent straight-haired friends to him, who were just as happy with their cuts as I am. And in addition to being a great stylist, he's a funny, personable guy who will make your visit enjoyable and stress-free.

Reviewed on 01.19.09

Stylist: michael A

I am one of the salon owners of east end salon and would like to thank all of our clients who took the time to place a review.we are very proud of our staff. and look forward to serving our clients in the future. my special thanks to Michael A for being all that he is.

Reviewed on 01.16.09

Stylist: Michael A.

I have had my hair cut twice by Michael and he is fabulous. I have been all over the Philadelphia area and no one has ever cut my hair as good as him. Michael is excellent at cutting curly hair. He listens to what you want and he does exactly what you want. I recommend him highly!!!! Danielle

Reviewed on 01.15.09

Stylist: Michael A

I just got back from my haircut with Michael and I LOVE it! I initially went to him because of the reviews on this site and he was everything the reviews said he would be. He has a family of curly haired women so he knows all the gripes. He really listened to every little request I had and gave me a great cut. And NO product pushing which was so refreshing! If you're looking for a fantastic haircut without the $100 pricetag or the nasty attitude of Joseph from Signatures, Michael is fantastic!

Reviewed on 12.05.08

Stylist: Michael A.

This is for men looking to get their hair cut in Philly. After reading several positive reviews about Michael on this site (and I may be one of the only guys reading reviews on this website!), I decided to go in for a long overdue cut for my curly mop. I found that these reviews are wholly accurate, and that Michael has a very relaxed and humorous personality (and everyone I met at the Salon was also friendly) but seems to know exactly what he is doing. It was helpful for me that he is a man who also has curly hair, and could reflect on the trials many curly haired men go through in their lives in search of being not-butchered! I will definitely be returning. Ladies, send your men to Michael, and yourselves.

Reviewed on 10.24.08

Stylist: Michael A

I went in a couple of weeks ago to cut my hair to donate it for locks of love. I have never been to the salon and found it based on reviews on this site. I ended up cutting 20 inches, which may seem scary but I was ready. The salon itself was a real setting and my hairstylist Michael A. was excellent. I will be returning to him and urge anyone with any type of hair to see him. He was very upbeat and a genuinely nice person and superb hair stylist. I wanted to write a review right when i got into my car but figured i should give it a couple of weeks as i adjust to my new hair style and I still love it the same or even more. furthermore I drove 40mins. I was well worth the drive

Reviewed on 10.20.08

Stylist: Michael A

I had decided to go for a short style, and I was nervous to try someone new. I am new to Philly and 3 other stylists had left me unhappy. They could only cut my hair after it had been straightened out; unfortunately the cuts only looked good straight. Michael A knows how to cut curly hair!! The other bloggers are giving a very accurate description of him. He knows how to talk to you about your curly hair so that he can give you the look you want. I entered with big shapeless hair. I left with a style that was perfectly layered. (He cut my hair wet!) After over a week, I have tried my hair curly and straight, and gotten great compliments for both looks. Also he was on time and quick.

Reviewed on 09.07.08

Stylist: Michael

Based on these reviews, went to see Michael to get my curly hair cut. I have really thick, coarse, curly hair and Micahel did an excellent job cutting it! I feel like he really gets curly hair and was SO nice and personable and funny while giving me my cut (instantly putting me at ease). Love, love the cut and will be going back for sure (plus I am recommending him to my friends to try out bc I think he would be excellent with any hair type).

Reviewed on 07.29.08

Stylist: Michael

Michael was amusing to say the least. We had a few laughs at the pharmaceutical industry’s expense and I learned that there actually is a stylist in our world that knows curls. He listened, checked in, readjusted and gave me the sexiest blow out I’ve ever had. After going home and styling my curls as I usually do, I felt a huge relief. I felt the bounce I was looking for and saw the deep V cut in the back I asked for with short layers framing my face. It was what I wanted, simple as that. Unfortunately, it took me a year to come back. But don’t worry Mike, I've been saving myself. My locks grew out beautifully and I’m ready for more. See you next Friday.

Reviewed on 07.02.08

Stylist: Michael

I went to see Michael based on everyone else's reviews. I wanted to get my 3b hair cut short for the first time in my life. Michael and I talked about what I wanted with my hair. Cutting it short could have been a disaster but Michael cut it perfectly. My hair turned out exactly as I hoped it would. Michael is friendly, funny, and he takes your opinion into consideration. I definitely plan on going back again.

Reviewed on 05.17.08

Stylist: Michael

I am always reluctant to trust new stylists with my difficult curls, but based on the positive reviews on this site, I decided to try Michael at East End Salon. Now I understand why he's so popular! He clearly understands (and loves) curly hair and gave me a beautiful cut. He was warm and friendly and kept me laughing the whole time. It was an overall positive experience and I will definitely be back :)

Reviewed on 05.12.08

Stylist: Michael A

Following the reviews on this site, I made an appointment with Michael A, at East End Salon. Michael is terrific: his enjoyable personality is matched by his consummate understanding of hair...and frankly, though I have only been there once, this was evident in how he worked from start to finish. It was a real pleasure being in this salon. Michael is honest about what he sees, but totally receptive to the client. He gave me a beautiful cut for my very long wavy/botecceli curl hair. If you want a stylist who will treat you with respect, make you laugh (if you like to joke), who will give you a terrific cut based on your needs and preferences informed by his knowledge and skill...He's your man. Additionally, while in the salon, I saw another stylist do two beautiful blunt cuts, I had a terrific shampoo done by another stylist, and the atmosphere in the salon was relaxed and friendly.

Reviewed on 12.23.07

Stylist: Michael

I went to Michael in November while I was visiting family. He was fantastic. He sat me down in the chair, took one look at my hair and said "Oh, I know exactly what to do for you". I didn't even have to say anything. He was a blast to talk to throughout the whole haircut. Ask him about traveling to Europe, he'll talk to you about it for an hour! It was so nice to finally find a stylist who actually knew what to do with thick curly hair. The only disappointment is that I'm hardly ever going to be able to get back to see him since I live in San Francisco.

Reviewed on 12.20.07

Stylist: Michael A.

I've been searching all around the city for a stylist that knows curly hair and has a friendly personality, and I found him based on other recommendations on this site. Michael put me at ease and didn't put on a front like most stylists. I am very happy with my hair!!! Thank You Michael!!!

Reviewed on 12.19.07

Stylist: Michael

Based on the positive reviews I read on this website, I made an appointment with Michael at East End Salon. I got my haircut last night and I love the new cut. Michael listens and knows about curly hair. I got a great cut and I'll be sure to return. He was friendly and warm.

Reviewed on 11.08.07

Stylist: Michael

I went to Michael at East End Salon in Philadelphia based on the reviews I have read here. A little background...I have been getting the Ouidad "carve & slice" cut for close to 6 years, but have been unhappy with the mostly "one-length" look and how I constantly had to push my hair away from my face. I explained all this to Michael, and he knew exactly what I wanted. I am thrilled with my results! And I am thrilled to have found somebody with such obvious love of curly hair! Not to mention extremely outgoing & friendly. I will definitely be going back, next time for highlights. I highly recommend Michael.

Reviewed on 10.13.07

Stylist: Michael

Michael at East End did a wonderful job on my hair. He really knew how to bring out the curl without the frizz. It's one of the best haircuts I've ever had. He was professional and friendly -- very helpful in describing how I should care for my long, curly hair. And he didn't try to sell me a bunch of products. Great salon, great stylist.

Reviewed on 07.05.07

Stylist: Michael

I went to Michael 4 months ago and my hair has never been the same since...that's a BAD THING!!!! I saw him with highlights in my hair wanting to go darker and he suggested that I bleach my whole head! Basically I had to bleach the color out and then add the dark color. I already have naturally dark, slightly dry curly hair so bleach seemed too extreme. I told him just do the top highlights darker and since that day my hair has gotten worse and worse. I even called my old hairdresser that I've been seeing for 5 years to seek some advice. I no longer go to her because I moved out of the state.

Reviewed on 06.22.07

Stylist: Michael

After moving to the Philadelphia area from NYC last year, I was apprehensive to try someone new. But, Michael from East End Salon did a fantastic job! He understands curls and enjoys cutting curly hair. He gave me great suggestions, was very personable and I left loving my new do. Kudos, to my new hair guy!

Reviewed on 06.16.07

Stylist: Michael

Finally I found a great stylist! Did you know there are stylists that actually like curly hair and know the difference in cutting and working with naturally curly hair versus straight hair? I’ve struggled to find a good stylist and after reading the suggestions on this site, went to see Michael at East End. It’s hard to know if you can believe everything you read online, but in this case, Michael deserves the praise he gets as a stylist who is great with curly hair. He has curly hair, which helps him understands all the quirks we deal, but also the beauty of a fabulous curl. I will definitely be going back.

Reviewed on 06.12.07