La Bella Salon & Day Spa

1035 W Queen Creek Road
Chandler, AZ 85248

User Reviews

Stylist: Robin

So, I booked an appointment with Robin after reading the two reviews from other guest on this site. Since I had never been to Robin or that La Bella Salon before, I was nervous. However, as I saw Robin and noticed she had naturally curly hair that looked adorable I was instantly put at ease. She was super nice, professional, and gave me a lot of great tips on getting the best curls. Not to mention, I absolutley LOVE my hair cut. My hair was long and drab before and I explained to her that I think I wanted to go with layers to give my hair some body. She did a wonderful job. I'm referring everyone of my friends with naturally curly hair to her. She is awesome and I think I've finally found a stylist that I can stick with.

Reviewed on 11.18.10

Stylist: Robin

So I've recently begun a weight loss journey. I started April 1st and weighed in on May 1st to discover a loss of 13 pounds. My whole life I've been a "stylist orphan" I'll say. As a reward to myself for my success, I decided to treat myself to a haircut with a stylist who knows curly hair. Based on the previous review and location of La Bella, I made an appointment to see Robin. Here's my top five reasons I scheduled my next haircut with her at the end of my first appointment: *She took time before my cut and color to sincerly inquire as to what I was hoping for. (quality service) *I had emailed photos of a curly cut I liked and the pics did not come through on the email. Robin looked up the pics and had them ready when I came in. (going the extra mile is rare nowadays) *I enjoyed my visit to the salon and time flew by because she was so nice and funny, and a pleasure to chat with. (genuine hairstylist) *After she was done with the color and cut, she re-wet and conditioned my hair! She did this so I wouldn't leave the salon with an overly messed with frizzy flop of a hairdo. Most places I would leave frizzy or they'd offer to "blow it out" which is not at all how I fix it day to day.(stylist who thinks about your tomorrow) *As I watched her apply hair product, i noticed the flow of the application, and the seriousness in her style, it was as if she were leading an orchestra or painting a picture. (passion for the art) After my visit to La Bella, I was *happy*. This is a feeling I'd yet to feel coming from a haircut. As I told my husband, who knew of my appointment and smiled ear to ear when he saw me after, I am no longer an orphan! I can finally say I've found a stylist, she is Robin, at La Bella. Lesley

Reviewed on 05.03.08

Stylist: Robin

From San Francisco, San Diego and now a newbie to the Phoenix area I have been searching for a long term stylist. Four years and 12 stylists later, I think I found a winner. Robin did an excellent job, exceeded my expectations, and I have quite a challenging head of hair to deal with. I did start my quest in Scottsdale and booked an appointment with Tien (Vidal Sassoon) who is highly recommended on this site. Although the cut turned out great, he went ahead and did his own thing, cutting the layers I specifically asked him to leave long. Not listen to my instructions is something that doesn't fly with me when paying for a premium stylist. I decided to try La Bella which is closer to my home. Robin, who also has curly hair, listened to my concerns and instructions like she's dealt with it all before and then cut and styled perfectly (no razor anywhere in sight - a good sign). I would highly recommend Robin - and believe me, I've been through the good, bad and ugly hair stories. BTW she also did an excellent job with my color - FULL highlights in under 45 minutes which is a record for me and my 10 lbs of hair.

Reviewed on 04.23.06