Julius Scissor

2045 Locust Street
Philadelphia, PA 19103

User Reviews

Stylist: Julius

When i lived in Philly, this was my "mane man". He's an absolute genius with all types of hair, and may be the only stylist i've ever met that truly understands that hair cuts are a 360 degree phenomenon. First of all, his hair cuts lasted for 6 months. Good thing too because he charged $80 for them! Second of all, he cut for your WHOLE HEAD. You know how sometimes you get a style, it looks AWESOME from the front, but the profile view is kinda, bleh? Not with Julius. He would spend all sorts of time examining your head shape, your body shape, how you dressed, how you held yourself, how much time you were willing to spend on your hair, and then, while blabbing away the latest in philly art scene gossip or divulging his deep love for the music of Elvis Costello or Italian opera, snip and finagle your head into some amazing doo-magge. He charges a lot, but he's got a passion and understanding for hair that makes it totally worth it. Not to mention the fact that his salon is filled with funny bizarre sculptures out of spray foam.

Reviewed on 10.17.06