Soma Salon & Spa

1610 locust street
Philadelphia, PA 19103

User Reviews

Stylist: David

I scheduled an appointment with Christie but the salon called back and said Christie was not with the salon anymore but would I like David who trained her? I went to David and I described what I wanted and showed him a pic. I asked him not to give me a bob because every stylist I go to gives me a bob because they don't know what else to do. He gave me a bob despite what I said and cut the back way too short. I went to him because the salon advertises the deva cut but David said he took a class on the Deva cut but does not like it. My back and sides were uneven. Twice over the phone (when I scheduled & when they confirmed) they told me the cut would be $60 but when they rung me up, they said David's cuts were $75 but their website advertises $70 being the highest cut. The cut was cute but David didn't listen and did what he wanted. He did seem to verbalize a lot of facts about curly hair. The cut was cute but not what I wanted.

Reviewed on 08.20.07

Stylist: David

This salon is awesome!!! I came in and got a great welcome from everyone although I'm a new client. I wanted something specific for my naturally curly hair, thinking I'll give this place a shot. David welcomed me and all my frizz with open arms, gave suggestions and listened to what I generally wanted. I am soooo pleased with the result. I would recommend anyone coming here to get what they need taken care of!! Go to Soma!

Reviewed on 06.30.07


I love my hair and my stylist christie. I live in philly and it is hard to find a stylist that specializes in naturally curly hair. I am so happy i found her. She cut my hair in a way that shaped my curls perfectly. thank youchristie for taking time ith y unrulely curls. they look so beautiful now

Reviewed on 11.19.06

Stylist: Christie

After finding her on this Website, I made my appointment for a curly hair conditioning treatment and hair cut. My experience was pleasant. Everyone at the salon was so friendly and made you feel at home. Christie was extreemly nice, personanble, filled with curl knowledge and talent. the cut was great and is still working for me about a month and a half later. It is refreshing to have a stylist like Christie! I never met someone so smart, beautiful and down to earth! she knows how to boost confidence! Location is great- Rittenhouse Square

Reviewed on 11.17.06

Stylist: Christie

Thankfully, I heard of christie through this website and want to post another because she made my curls look amazing!! they've been frizzy for the longest time and I've been getting regular hair cuts but never knew what was wrong. She introduced me to the Deva products and taught me the Deva Curl way to style and it's been very helpful!! Thanks so much Christie!!

Reviewed on 11.02.06

Stylist: Christie

I went to Christie after reading a positive experience from another curly girl client. I was scared because I wanted to let my hair grow, but knew that some hydration and the perfect cut were necessary. Christie is so nice! She listened to my concerns about my hair which helped me relax and at the same time in suspense (excited to see my new curls, aka my natural curls set free). I left with no frizz, just beautifully cut curls, that exposed my natural highlights. I plan to go back to Christie again for another wonderful cut and experience.

Reviewed on 09.15.06

Stylist: Christie

I've Been straightening the huge head of curls on my head for 15 years. Fighting with it for hours to tame the frizz until DevaCurl Stylist Christie taught me how to hydrate and tame my curly hair. Now I love it when it's curly!! A girlfriend recommended me but I didn't think ANYone could actually talk me into letting my hair go natural. Her personality and confidence alone will keep you coming back not to mention the amazing job! but now I feel so confident and sexy! Thanks Christie!

Reviewed on 08.28.06