Regis - Robinson Towne Center

Robinson Towne Center
# 2010
Pittsburgh, PA 15205

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Stylist: Shawne

I've actually known Shawne for years and just recently gave him a try. I cannot believe the time I wasted at other salons. He is amazing. I sat down and he started to educate me about my curly hair. Now, I've had curly hair all of my adult life, and have been a member here since 2001, so this really blew me away. Within 30 minutes, he managed to do everything that I couldn't with products or appliances. I can wear it curly or straight, and I can already tell that this is type of cut that can go for months without a touch up and still look great. Check Shawne out - you won't regret it.

Reviewed on 09.13.06