415 King Street
Charleston, SC

User Reviews

Stylist: Amber Buss

Amber was referred to me by a friend and I couldn't be happier I found her! I have never had a better haircut! She gave me a thorough consultation and talked with me about what style might work best given my curl patterns. She herself has the same curly hair I do and helped me find ways to combat those problems all curly girls encounter. Great salon too...even had a glass of wine...! I highly recommend Amber!

Reviewed on 11.22.12

Stylist: Kristin

Don't go to her. When I told her I found her on, she said "I don't know why they put me on there". She then commenced to give me the worst haircut ever, which I'm still growing out over a year later. She cut a 3 inch layer around the top, then used THINNING SHEARS to screw up the rest of it. :(

Reviewed on 11.30.07

Stylist: Nick

I went to see Nick after reading a review on this website. I was unimpressed. The haircut was okay. While washing my hair, he was talking with another stylist about how he was detoxing from alcohol. When I asked about product recommendations, he said 'whatever smell better to you.' Immature in my opinion and wouldn't waste my time or money. Have yet to find someone I really love in charleston.

Reviewed on 10.12.07

Stylist: Nick

You must go to Nick. Every few months he gives me, literally, the most fantastic haircut I have ever had in my life. I’ve had a hundreds of decent cuts – even a $100+ Ouidad cut – but I’ve never found someone who understands curl – real curl – tight curl – the way Nick does. He assesses your curl, understands what different climates and products will do – understands how different your curls are from mine...and best yet, the cut looks just as good grown out a few months later! I’ve found a few hairdressers off this website, having lived in Seattle, Atlanta, Charlotte, New Orleans – no one compares to Nick – it is my civic duty to tell you about him. I promise you – you will NOT regret it – SEE NICK!

Reviewed on 08.17.06

Stylist: Kristen

Kristen has curly hair herself and knows what it's like to leave a salon either in tears or determined to go home and "redo" your hair yourself. She's the first stylist I've ever been to that I can completely trust to do whatever she thinks will look best. She gives a great cut, knows color extremely well, and knows how to style curly hair. She even gave me a "lesson" in styling my hair to help eliminate frizz!

Reviewed on 03.26.06