Salon Couture

420 King Street
Charleston, SC

User Reviews

Stylist: Tanisha

Anyone in the Charleston SC area that's suffering from frizzy, crazy curl or even worse the dreaded "triangle" haircut should look up a certified Deva stylist downtown. Her name starts with a T and I think she's at Salon Couture. Anyway I've heard about this method from a friend in NYC and I'm ecstatic!!! Finally good news for curly girls in Charleston!

Reviewed on 12.12.08

Stylist: Ingrid

Ingrid has been my hairstylist for several years, and she also has naturally curly hair. A curly-haired friend recommended her, so of course I had to see what she could do for me. I was very pleased. When I came home, for the first time, my husband actually noticed my hair and said "Wow, your hair cut really looks nice!"

Reviewed on 06.09.07