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Stylist: Danielle Valiente

This is my third time seeing Danielle. I just love the way she cuts my hair. I just learned I can now see her both in Phoenix when I travel for work, or in Beverly Hills where she will be working one day a week and where I live. I highly recommend her. She has a lot of knowledge about hair.

Reviewed on 02.16.10

Stylist: Danielle

I went to Danielle because Kerri was out of the office. This haircut was fair but nothing special. I have fine, wavy hair and was hoping to get a cut that would either add volume to my hair and make it more curly or minimize the volume and maximize its straighter portions. After talking to Danielle, we decided to maximize the curl because I am too lazy to straighten my hair. During the cut, nothing much happened. I felt like she pretty much trimmed up my previous cut (which sadly was mostly done by me) and nothing radical was done. She took another client halfway through my style and cut which was awkward for me. And the effort involved in making my hair 'curly' was just as much as it would be to straighten it. Going away from it, I did like some things. I went out of the salon with curly hair which was great. Everyone was really nice and never made me feel like I was being horrible to my hair or my hair was bad in any way. However, it didn't actually look that good. If Danielle thought I would do better with straight hair or without emphasizing the curl, I wish she would have told me. And now I feel like I got a very expensive haircut without a very tangible improvement in my hair's appearance or health. Danielle is probably very good with very curly hair but with borderline/wavy hair, you can probably find the same quality for less money.

Reviewed on 01.30.10

Stylist: Danielle

I just recently went to Atmosphere Salon after reading all the great reviews for them on this site. I wanted someone that really knew how to work with curls and would take the time to show me how to get the best out of my hair. That is exactly what I got with Danielle. She really knows her stuff and I will definitely be going back! I actually love my hair again!

Reviewed on 11.10.09

Stylist: Danielle

I have had the hardest time finding a stylist who really understands curly hair. I found this salon on Naturally and can not even begin to explain what a great experience this was for me. I called to set up an appointment and the girl I spoke with told me that either Danielle or Kerri is who they recommend for Curly hair. I saw Danielle and LOVED my hair. Besides the great cut, she was so helpful with what products I should be using and how to apply them. I booked my next appointment to return in 8 weeks and am so happy I FINALLY found a place that knows what they are doing. I Highly recommend Danielle.

Reviewed on 08.29.09

Stylist: Kerri

I saw Kerri today based on the recommendation below, and she was awesome. I had straight hair until I turned about 25 years old, and then suddenly this unmanageable 2a wave developed and I've been struggling with it and straightening it for almost 7 years. I took my crazy waves to Kerri fresh from the shower and just told her to FIX IT, and she DID. I got beautiful highlights and a perfect cut. She was wonderful and sweet, the salon is small and fun and a pleasant place to be, and I am THRILLED with the result. No more blowtorch to the head every morning for me!

Reviewed on 05.20.09

Stylist: Kerri

So, after visiting this site, I saw so many wonderful reviews on Gregory that I had to give him a try. He was absolutely amazing. Then he moved to California, and I was devastated. While I was very apprehensive about trying anyone new after I had found someone that worked so well with my hair and me, I was informed that Kerri, who works at the same salon had a very similar style to Gregory's. I was SO impressed with her cut and styling techniques that I would venture to say that I liked her even BETTER than Gregory (who is still amazing I'm sure). Anyway, Kerri rocks and she is super sweet. My hair is a 2a/3a combo. It is very fine all over, curlier at the crown, and more wavy and thicker at the bottom, and despite it being fine, it has a mind of it's own. My hair can be a real pain, but she calms it down and makes it happy, which makes me happy. So for all you Gregory lovers in AZ, he is not here anymore, but it doesn't matter because Kerri will rock your world!!!

Reviewed on 04.10.09

Stylist: Erica, Rachel and ?

Do not, I repeat DO NOT go to this salon if you have biracial hair. That being said, Erica was very nice and friendly and all that. However, Erica was not who I asked for when I called to make the appointment. I was told that Danielle would round brush my biracial curly hair. I was told that because I ASKED that and was told no problem. Well I never even met Danielle. I didnt know I wasnt with Danielle until 2 hours into the very long hair doing process. Erica started blowdrying with a regular little plastic brush and I said I was told that you use the round brush technique and she said it wasnt really her thing. And I said but when I made my appt I asked for that style and so she tried. She also called 2 other women over to help her attempt to tame my alien hair. That felt great! To be the only black person in an all white salon and have to have half the staff TRY to FIX my hair. I finally agreed to let Erica blow dry her way when it was obvious none of them knew how to roundbrush biracial hair even though its the same as roundbrushing anybody elses hair. Then she brought over more help to flat iron. So now I had 2 women flat ironing at the same time. Again - quite a degrading experiece given my uniqueness in the salon. My hair turned out alright. It was better than the Walmart stylists got it a few years ago but it wasnt as good as it can certainly be. The ends were all brittle looking and frizzy.

Reviewed on 02.27.09

Stylist: Danielle

I've seen Gregory at this salon a couple of times. This last time i went in, I saw someone else because Greg was not available, i was hesitant but i needed it done that day. I LOVED my haircut. I saw Danielle, and she really paid special attention to my difficult hair. I was nervous because i love how greg did my hair, but it turned out really good. She spent time showing me different ways to wear my hair, and keep my curly hair from getting frizzy. I Highly recommend either one of them.

Reviewed on 09.20.08

Stylist: Gregrory

It is truly Unbelivable that after all this time I was able to find someone that knows how to style curly hair. I'm not kidding, Gregory is the best. He showed me how to style my curly hair and love it. I can actually reproduce my hair style at home. Gregory is so good and I'm not kidding. Please try him out and tell him Lucy Grimes recommended you. Just try him. I promise you'll be pleased.

Reviewed on 09.07.08

Stylist: Gregory

The best cut I've had in years - maybe ever. Since I've lived in phoenix I've probably been to every stylist recommended on this website in the phx area and my experience with Gregory was far superior. He gave my curly hair a great shape and makes me happy to wear it curly. I no longer have 80's style triangle head. It looks modern and I barely have to do anything to it. He cut it dry and paid careful attention to the curl pattern of my hair and cut it accordingly. I have never reviewed anything online but I am so pleased with my hair I signed up for this website just to write this review. I can't recommend him enough.

Reviewed on 06.01.08

Stylist: Gregory

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Gregory! Of all the places I have had my curly (3b) hair cute, Gregory has been truly the best. I just want to pack him up and take him everywhere! He talked me through all the different sections of my hair and the different curls each section had. We had a full on discussion about products and all the crap out there. He even recommended what salon brands and drugstore brands are the best. I even had him cut my boyfriend's thick Mexican hair, and it was the best, sexiest hair cut my guy has ever had. LOVE GREGORY!!!

Reviewed on 04.22.08

Stylist: Gregory

Thank you, thank you, thank you. After a disastrous haircut nine months ago (I had to wear a wig)I finally found a wonderful hairdresser who knows and loves curly hair. Not only does Gregory know what he's doing, he is the first person in years to actually listen to me describe my hair issues. Gregory is extremely knowledgeable about the intricacies of curly hair and the correct products to use on it. I have gray hair and he is the only person I've been to in 10 years that did not tell me I had to color it. I haven't been this happy in years. Yes it will take 2-3 more cuts to get me back on track, but knowing Gregory will be the one helping me get there has completely eased my mind. Hair peace at last!

Reviewed on 03.27.08


I have had my hair done by a couple different people at Atmosphere Salon and i have to say that my experiences have all been good, The two different people that i saw did a great jog and its obvious that the stylist get the latest training. The environment was great and the people that worked there were very friendly. Such a fun place!

Reviewed on 12.12.07

Stylist: Gregory

I have to say that Gregory did a fantastic job cutting my curly hair. I haven't been wearing my hair curly full time for very long, and I was having so much trouble with it. I had the total triangle thing going on. But Gregory understood how to cut my hair so that went away and I have awesome volume on the crown now. He even showed me some little tricks to encourage more curl and make the bangs I am growing out from my last straight cut look great. Also, everyone at the salon was so nice and the place had a great vibe. I am so happy with my cut and highly recommend Gregory.

Reviewed on 09.26.07

Stylist: Gregory

AM I RELIEVED!! I have finally found a stylist that is A truly passionate about hair... and B turned my hair into something that is so incredibly beautiful, and also do-able every morning I get ready for work. I never have had such a great cut that every time I do my hair... I thank my stylist out loud. Gregory at Atmosphere Salon was the most real down to earth stylist whom made me feel so welcome and was so gracious to have me in his chair. I walked in not knowing what to expect, and left with the greatest feeling I have ever had leaving a salon. My curly hair is truly amazing ,and I wanted to post this to let anybody out there know how wonderful Gregory is at cutting curly hair, and how truly beautiful a blow-out is form Gregory when you want to go for a smoother look for an event or party... I truly recommend him to anybody out there looking for a true hair-artist.

Reviewed on 06.07.07