Chattanooga, TN

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Stylist: Curtis

Very disappointed. I visited this salon based on the review here on naturally curly. When I go to a stylist I expect them to spend time on my hair, not just wash and clip it wet and then pass me off to an assistant to halfway blow dry it. He returned to scrunch it and finish but he rushed me out quickly as he had another client. My hair wasn't even fully dried. And we all know that curly hair expands when it dries. I asked him to trim it up and take some of the bulk off but to keep as much length as possible, other than that I told him it was in his hands. He said there was too much hair in my front area and my layers needed to be blended. I guess I can see a little bit of difference in the front but when my hair finally dried (after I was out of the salon), I had the dreaded pyramid head and apparently I had two or three inches worth of split ends as my hair is now at my shoulders. The stylist was polite but I recommend that you find a stylist that will actually take the time to make sure that your hair looks great not just okay. I feel that I could have paid a lot less to have someone take off a few inches and they probably would have spent more time. Apparently they alot thirty minutes to each appointment so throw washing in there and you will understand the amount of time they have. Take my advice and go elsewhere if you are looking for someone to bring out the beauty in your curls.

Reviewed on 06.27.12

Stylist: Curtis

I got the recommendation for Curtis from here at And am I ever glad I did. The best curly cut EVER. I only get to Chattanooga every two to three months, but I am going to schedule an appointment every time.

Reviewed on 12.19.06