JC Penney's Salon

Governor's Square Mall
STE 500
Clarksville, TN 37040

User Reviews

Stylist: Trudy

Trudy was amazing! She KNOWS how to cut curly hair! Ive been trying to grow out my thick 3c hair, but it was too thick and wide ... ( it was growing like a mushroom). Trudy went in and did her thing! I'm sooooooo happy with my results! She thinned out my hair but left me with all my length! I highly recommend going to see her if you have curly hair!

Reviewed on 01.10.10

Stylist: Trudy

I soo agree! Trudy did a miracle with my hair. Everyone loves the new do. I had unruly, frizzy, curly hair. I was ready to shave my head. I read the review above and decided to give Trudy a try. She spent so much time with me. I even went back the next day so she could help me learn to style it right. She was more than willing to help. Thanks Trudy!

Reviewed on 08.01.09

Stylist: Trudy Chambers

Trudy is wonderful! For years I struggled with my unruly curly hair and never walked out of a salon without being practically in tears. Trudy was my savior - I could finally walk around with my hair loose, out of a ponytail and without a hat on! Trudy has cut curly hair for a long time; she and most of her family have naturally curly hair so she does a terrific job on both women's and men's hair. I have since moved to another state and still haven't found someone to cut my hair even half as good as she did! She really did a great job on my "zones" (curliest on top, wavy in the middle, and almost straight underneath). She also introduced me to the BioSilk line of hair products which keeps my hair soft, silky, and frizz-free! I miss you Trudy!

Reviewed on 07.23.06