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Nashville, TN

User Reviews

Stylist: Chase

Want a hip, curl-friendly haircut? You'll get it here. I'm a 3a curly gal with extremely thick, long, auburn hair. I donate to a local organization similar to Locks of Love, and I had hair down to my mid-back. I asked Chase to cut off as much as he could get without leaving my head looking like a topiary. An hour and a half later, I had the hippest, most manageable hair I've ever had. For the last few years, I've just managed my hair on my own, hacking it off every couple of years. So when I went in to see Chase, I had no idea what I was looking for, and no experience imposing any "style" on my hair beyond putting in a bit of gel and letting it be natural. Chase knew the best way to cut the hair off for donating, then trimmed, layered, and thinned up the rest into sort of a chin-length, funky bob. It looked fabulous when I left the salon, and his instructions for replicating his results were perfect. He says he cut it so that it will continue to look pretty and layered as I grow it out again, which is awesome. I highly recommend TRIM and especially Chase. He put so much thought and focus into my individual head of hair -- he was still working on it 30 minutes after the salon closed! I'll definitely return.

Reviewed on 02.02.09

Stylist: Glory

I received the best haircut and service from Glory at Trim. Glory has curly hair herself and completely respected my wishes. She's very easy to talk to-- I didn't feel guilty or awkward about expressing my requests to her. She went completely above and beyond. I'm a client for life!

Reviewed on 10.02.06