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User Reviews (3)

Stylist: Caroline

She gave me the worst cut I've had in a long time. She did not even look at the amount of curl I had in my hair, and I purposely went in with my hair curly. When she was finished I walked out with frizzy, unstyled, uncurly hair that looked like I had just walked out of a rainstorm. I was very disappointed as I drove over from New Mexico hoping to find someone who could cut curly hair.

REVIEWED BY: suzie87  |  5.28.09

Stylist: Johnny Plant

Johnny fried & butchered my hair 2 years ago. I'm still in recovery, and he is the reason that I am researching top salons specializing in curly hair now!

REVIEWED BY: Guest  |  8.25.07

Stylist: Caroline,Amber,or Johnny

This is a really great salon that's curl-friendly too! They do awesome highlights and cuts, and my hair always looks great when I leave. Give them a try:)

REVIEWED BY: Guest  |  8.31.06