Avant Downtown

318 Colorado Street
Austin, TX

User Reviews

Stylist: Roxi

Roxi IS great! But she has moved down the street, to Jose Luis Salon. She is so great that I followed her there!

Reviewed on 01.13.14

Stylist: Roxi

Roxi is fantastic! Since I had never worked with her in the past, I sat down with the usual slight nervousness that comes before having somebody new cut my hair. She made me feel completely at ease within the first couple of sentences out of her mouth. She is extremely nice and personable, but even more importantly she obviously knows her stuff when it comes to getting curly hair do it's thing. The cut was exactly what she said she was going to do, which is always refreshing. It looks great, feels fantastically healthy, and bounces and curls terrifically. So not only did I enjoy meeting her, I got a great haircut, with a great hairstyle. You can't beat that! If you live in Austin and have curly hair........ go see Roxi!!!!

Reviewed on 09.17.11

Stylist: Lacy

I have mid-length VERY curly hair and I do not like getting my hair cut. I've been going to Lacy at Avant downtown for almost a year and I'm very happy with my cuts. She has straight hair, but understands curly hair. She is careful with her layers (doesn't make me have a triangle head) and she thins me out so I'm not so poofy when my hair is dry. Plus, she is a Jr stylist, so she is inexpensive!

Reviewed on 09.03.08

Stylist: Charlotte

I have naturally curly hair that is thick, long, and impossible! After months and months of straightening and swimming, my hair was dead. I needed a miracle! I called Avante and when I asked for a curl specialist, I was referred to Charlotte. Charlotte was a life saver! Not only does she have curly hair, but she's a wonderful stylist with lots of tips and magic scissors! My haircut was wonderful! It was light, airy, and easy to manage! You should definitely ask for her the next time you get a cut!

Reviewed on 01.10.07

Stylist: Camille

I went to Camille based on the recommendations here. She gave me THE WORST haircut I've ever gotten. I had a long conversation prior to the cut about what I needed (low maintenance hair prior to a trip overseas) and that I really didn't want to get a million layers back in it after spending months growing it all back out. She agreed and did exactly the OPPOSITE of what we agreed to. I kept asking her while she was cutting it if I was going to have any hair left at the end of this and she smiled reassuringly.My hair is a mess. I'm incredibly sorry I went to her. She has NO CLUE how to cut curly hair. Do yourself a favor and go somewhere else.

Reviewed on 09.10.06

Stylist: Camille

She gave me probably the best cut of my life - listened to what I wanted, and then added her own knowledge and flair. I have a nice, light, fluffy, EASY TO MANAGE cut that looks professional and fun at the same time. I highly recommend her.

Reviewed on 08.18.06

Stylist: Camille

She's awesome and cheap...right now anyway. Has curly hair & is awesome with it. Love her!

Reviewed on 06.14.06