Electra Beauty Lounge

Austin, TX

User Reviews

Stylist: Barbara Morin

Barbara and Electra Beauty Lounge remain wonderful every time I go there. Barbara is such a great curly hair stylist and my color has never looked better! I'm so happy to have someone who gives me such great results every time I get cut or colored!

Reviewed on 09.04.09

Stylist: Barbara Morin

Barbara was my very favorite when she was at Bo Salon. So of course I was thrilled to find her at Electra Beauty Lounge. She is the absolute best and most trained colorist I've ever been lucky enough to find, and Barbara uses the Deva Curly Girl techniques to make sure I get a great curly style; every time too. I love the casual, comfortable feel of Electra and now it's just perfect since Barbara is there.

Reviewed on 07.03.09

Stylist: SONDRA

I have the BEST curly hair stylist in Austin! I must tell you I have been butchered by the best and she restored my faith in stylists. She took the time to listen to my horror stories and asked lots of questions about my lifestyle and what I expected of my hairdo. She really listened and the result was spectacular!! I recommend Sondra to all who have the Christmas Tree hair going on. She can give you a cut and the right products to keep your hair looking great for a terrific price. She is a true Austin treasure for all of us with a wreath of curls to manage. I drive from Houston just to get her to do my hair!!!

Reviewed on 05.19.06