Hairy Situation

1708 South Congress
Austin, TX

User Reviews

Stylist: Joanna

I have never had my hair cut by a professional before so I was a bit nervous going in. I love the location of the salon, and the great energy everyone has inside. Joanna cut my hair 8 inches to donate, then shaped it into a bob. We talked about how curly hair can be so fun with the right cut. She has great instincts, and I love the result. I cant wait untill my next visit!

Reviewed on 10.11.08

Stylist: Joel Ray

I have been going to Joel for 9 years. My hair has different curl textures (curlier in front/wavy in back)and gets heavier and curlier as it grows out. Joel has always cut it so well that I can stretch my haircuts out longer. The few times that I have had to use someone else, I have ended up with a mullet. He is always willing and eager to experiment with styles and he's the best colorist I have ever seen. His scalp massages are the cherry on top! - Marie C., Austin, TX

Reviewed on 01.15.07