Jackson Ruiz Salon

500 North Lamar Boulevard #120
Austin, TX 78703

User Reviews

Stylist: Allen Ruiz

I went from waist-length hair to a pixie, and I couldn't have been in better hands. The whole experience (wash, massage, even a makeup touch up) was so relaxing despite the fact that I was feeling really anxious. But the best part of all was the cut, it's exactly what I wanted, Allen was very attentive when I showed him my inspiration photos and he walked through my curl pattern and what I could expect. I'd recommend the salon to all of my family and friends.

Reviewed on 07.09.13

Stylist: Bianca

Bianca is a curly herself (amazing curls!) and she really understands how to cut it. She looked at my hair and could determine exactly where I needed less bulk and gave me a cut that works really well with my texture. She also is one of those stylists who actually knows how to style it once she's cut it. She is very passionate about curly hair and about kids feeling good about their curls, which is something close to my heart. In addition to a great cut, she gave a great message with peppermint oil, and they also give a complimentary hand massage and makeup application. All around a great experience.

Reviewed on 10.05.12

Stylist: Phillip

After 18 years of processing & relaxing my wild 3B curls, I finally brought myself to get a much-needed BIG CHOP. I must say, I was in good hands with Phillip! The whole session felt more therapeutic than anything. The atmosphere is peaceful, the people are friendly, and Phillip was extremely helpful in guiding me throughout the process (he even shared a few tips to help me enhance my curls for everyday styling). Evette was also very helpful & friendly! I recommend PHILLIP to all CURLIES in Austin, TX!

Reviewed on 04.23.12

Stylist: Bianca

Have been to Bianca for a haircut/shape-up since I was trying to let my hair grow out. Had been at it for a while and stylist after stylist kept trying to give me layers. Bianca is the best ! She left my length yet managed to give it bounce and shape. And I was SO IMPRESSED when she blow dried my hair straight!! it was smoother than when I use my flatiron and made me feel like a million bucks (I'm super impressed because i have very thick, frizzy, wavy hair. Have NEVER had a stylist accomplish a smooth look on me without the use of a flat iron). Bianca is worth every penny! and they treat you like a queen at this salon, everyone is friendly.

Reviewed on 02.09.11

Stylist: Judy Im

Judy is fantastic. After a series of supposed curly experts around town, I found her, recommended on this site (not sure why she isn't posted anymore). She is not cheap, but you get what you pay for. She is the best person there, hands down. I have never had even one day (like those initial day-of or day-after shocks) to adjust to a haircut. And bonus, she is blindingly fast--go on lunch break and you are in and out. Love her and recommend her to anyone, curly or not!

Reviewed on 06.24.07

Stylist: Bianca

I've been going to Bianca for about 4 years now, and it's really the best haircut I've ever had. Because the price is so high (it's now $75), I tried a few other salons to see if I could find someone a little cheaper. After a couple of really bad haircuts, I'm back with Bianca now, where I belong. It's expensive, but worth it. I like to blow my curls straight, and she's the only stylist I've ever had who can do it better and faster than I can! She also taught me how to work with my curls when I want to go au naturale!

Reviewed on 12.15.06