1704 East 5th Street
Austin, TX

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Stylist: Charlotte Belle

I have naturally curly hair that is thick, long, and impossible! After months and months of straightening and swimming, my hair was dead. I needed a miracle! I called Avante and when I asked for a curl specialist, I was referred to Charlotte. Charlotte was a life saver! Not only does she have curly hair, but she's a wonderful stylist with lots of tips and magic scissors! My haircut was wonderful! It was light, airy, and easy to manage! You should definitely ask for her the next time you get a cut!

Reviewed on 03.05.08

Stylist: Charlotte Belle

I am so happy with my hair stylist Charlotte Belle! I discovered her when she was working at Avant downtown but now she rents a chair at a tiny salon just east of 35 (still near downtown). The best compliment that I can give her is that her cuts last forever (I can easily go 3-4 months between appointments). I've never seen my hair grow out so gracefully! Usually my long layers get choppy and weird after 6 weeks. She's really great about listening to me and helping me figure out exactly what I'm looking for in a hairstyle. I think it helps that she has curly hair herself. She is also great at styling my hair! Usually, I want to go home and restyle my hair after a cut. Charlotte always makes me look amazing. I find it easiest to book my appointments by email. All of her contact info is on her website www.charlottebelle.com (nice to have in case she ever switches salons again). She also emails her schedule out periodically so you know when she's going to be around. She also does some work at a salon in New York on a regular basis.

Reviewed on 12.09.07

Stylist: Charlotte Belle

Charlotte rents a chair out of this salon. This lady is amazing with curly hair. She has curls as well so she know where it's coming from. I'm very scissor shy about letting stylists near my hair but I trust her styling talents without questions. Rosie

Reviewed on 11.01.07