Thomas Saverio

5416 Parkcrest Suite 800
Austin, TX

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Stylist: Steven Todd

OK I am the world's most critical curly girl. I don't let just anyone cut my hair. It took FOREVER to convince me to let Steven cut my hair, but because he is such a wonderful guy and came highly recommended as a "Curl Expert", and because he espouses the philosophy that natural is better and that you should just be who God made you to be (to hell with straight hair and flat irons), I decided to give him a chance. I AM SO GLAD I DID! He knew exactly what he was doing, knew exactly what needed fixing (my hair had taken on a shape of its own after a few not-so-great cuts), and even knew exactly what to say to help me relax (I still grip the seat throughout the entire cut). Curly girls, GO SEE STEVEN. He is wonderful and you'll be glad you did.

Reviewed on 11.17.06