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Austin, TX 78704

User Reviews

Stylist: Hollie

It has been a really long time since I've felt like someone really listened to me about the type of curly hair  that I have. Hollie really listened and then knew exactly what to do with my hair type. The layers that she gave me fall perfectly which is really important when you have hair like mine, that can tend to be frizzy. I haven't had a haircut that I've enjoyed working with in years and I love the way my hair turns out, even when I don't put that much effort into it and that is all due to the fantastic cut. I am really relieved to have found Hollie!

Reviewed on 05.16.16

Stylist: Jennifer

Just my luck, with my African American hair somewhere between 4A and 4B, Jennifer is leaving us for a northern climate. I have rocked the curly do for two years this time around and this is the best cut I have ever gotten. Jennifer sat down with me for about 10 minutes and took great care in eyeballing and positioning my hair, she didn't need to wash or dry my hair because it was the right amount of damp from the night before. She also listened to me and my concerns with my do and even told her own horror stories of bad hair days as a child and terrifying hair cuts. During this time she already introduced me to another stylist who can take over when she is gone, but I have to be honest, I may just fly to her new location just to go get a trim every 6 months. Jennifer also understood my goals in growing my hair long, instead of up, not to mention she was very kind in expressing the beauty she saw in the length of my hair (about two inches up from my bra band, when pulled straight down. We had a good laugh about shrinkage.). After the first five snips she already reshaped my hair and made it lay down. Jennifer is funny, sweet and oh so well versed in curly hair being a curly herself. I highly recommend you go see her on SoCo before she is gone. I know I'm going to try and get one more good trim with her before the end of summer '12, it will be way sooner than I need one, but hey! When you've got a good thing don't pass it up. I've never wanted to stand in a mirror and stare at my hair so much.

Reviewed on 04.30.12

Stylist: Julia

Decided to try a new salon near my work today, and since it's a Monday, wasn't sure what I'd find. So I called Wet, across the street, and asked "who knows curly hair?" I was referred to Julia - and they were right. She is a curly, knows curly hair, and gave a perfect cut - exactly what I was looking for. Also, she even styled my hair (diffuser) just how I like it - which is unusual, because most of the time no matter how good the cut, the stylist usually doesn't dry it to my liking. But she did. I'm very impressed and thrilled that I no longer need to look for the right stylist. I found her.

Reviewed on 02.20.06