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Stylist: Kitsa

I tend to agree with the Fri. Feb 16th, 2007 review. I initially went to Kitsa based on the reviews here and because she herself has curly/wavy hair (she does not have what i consider really curly hair-3A/B and up). My initial cut was good-not great. Subsequent cuts have been average. To be quite frank: On Saturdays she seems to be hurried and preoccupied, as does the Asian lady that washes hair(got my entire back wet last time-sloppy and in a hurry, plain and simple). After a cursory shampoo and condition, the hairwasher proceeded to comb out my hair with a fine tooth comb! Anyone who really knows one thing about curly hair knows that is a HUGE no no. Kitsa should make sure that her employees understand this basic point in no uncertain terms. The conditioner should be very hydrating and left on for a few minutes (at least)- which is also Curly Hair 101. What I am trying to convey is that some of the basics of curly hair seem to be missing here. Price is reasonable. A decent woman's haircut starts @ $45-at least in most major cities. I won't comment about about how friendly (she is very nice!)or if she is a good listener, etc. I am going to her for a haircut, not for therapy or to make new friends. What I want to know is: are they a professional that can REALLY give a great curly cut? Their demeanor is just a bonus, not an indicator of their hairstyling skill. I am a native Houstonian and have tried many, many people over the past 15+ years. I would put her in the slightly above average category-not a super knowledgeable Curly Hair magician/guru-yet.

REVIEWED BY: Guest  |  10.31.07