Salon 330

2510 Cedar Springs Road
Dallas, TX

User Reviews

Stylist: Peg

This is by far the best haircut I have ever had. Peg is wonderful. She knows how to cut hair...and she definitely knows how to cut naturally curly hair. You explained what she was doing every step of the way. She cut according to my hair's texture and shape of my face. It is amazing. I have had so many bad haircuts. It is wonderful to finally have a great one!!! I finally have more than just curly hair. I have a contempory style that looks great!!

Reviewed on 02.03.07

Stylist: Peg Cribari

I didn't have the great experience everyone else had. Peg didn't seem to know what she was doing at all. I have medium-textured, long, s-curls with a few loose spiral curls. First Peg shampooed my hair and didn't condition it at all. Then she proceeded to tell me I needed to get rid of my long layers, and when I asked her specifically not to shape it straight across the bottom, she did exactly that! The worst part was the styling: she used a blow-dryer and couldn't control my curls. When my hair kept frizzing, she began to apply more and more products and fussing with it more, which created more frizz. I left the salon, having paid over $100, with triangle-head and no defined curls. I had to tie it all back until I could get home to wash and re-style it myself. This was the worst cut I have ever had.

Reviewed on 12.29.06

Stylist: Peg Cribari

I found Peg Cribari at Salon Three Thirtyby searching this web site, and I am so very excited to say that I got an awesome cut. Peg took the time to talk to me about my hair and my apprehention about hair cuts because of past experience with other hairdressers giving me bad cuts. She did a combination of dry and wet cutting, explaining the difference in the spring of curly hair once it is wet. She has many years experience with cutting and it was a bonus to find out that she trained with Roger Thompson one of the first directors for Vidal Sassoon. Thanks to people posting their comments, I found a great hairdresser too!

Reviewed on 05.28.06

Stylist: Peg Cribari

I finally found someone that understands curly hair! Peg Cribari at Salon Three Thirty cut my hair to take advantage of the natural curl, not work against it. The new location on Cedar Springs in Dallas is so contemporary and un-salon like. Great experience total professionalism and a truly great cut!

Reviewed on 02.21.06