Life Spa

5602 Naaman Forest Blvd
Garland, TX

User Reviews

Stylist: Sonya

She does a great job but please don't ask her how much it will cost before the visit because she gets offended and may not schedule you for a visit.

Reviewed on 04.23.08

Stylist: Sonya Walwyn

If you are black and living in the Metroplex, you may have had difficulties in locating a professional stylist to care for your natural hair. I went natural in 1999. I moved to Dallas in 2002 and I didn't find Sonya until December 2004. I am EXTREMELY tender-headed and I never so much as flinch when I am in her chair. I LOVE HER!! The salon is an AVEDA salon (and their products suck on natural black hair), but she will take care of u. Make an appointment right away. You will be thanking your lucky stars. Oh, and Jane Carter Solution's Nourish and Shine is the best product I've ever owned...

Reviewed on 08.09.06