Bushwacker Salon

9600 Westheimer
Houston, TX

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Stylist: Melodie

After three years, I am saying goodbye. When I first went to Melodie, she was good about cutting each curl first, and then evening things out. The last few cuts have been very disappointing, and I had to go back twice to have the last one fixed, and it still wasn't right. She cut some face-framing pieces that ended up looking like hairs that had been missed in the cut. The salon insists on using shampoo, charging extra for conditioner, then scrubbing my hair dry with a towel and blow-drying it. I shouldn't have to remind my stylist of all the curly-hair cutting guidelines every time I get it cut. As nice as she is, when it come to my hair, I need the best, so I am switching to a well-known certified curl consultant at a privately owned salon in town.

Reviewed on 11.03.08

Stylist: Melodie

I went to Melodie about a year ago after reading reviews here on the site. I explained to her that I wanted a cut and for her to style my hair in loose, long waves, since I had not worn my hair curly in a while. I told her my hair was deceptively curly ~ that the more it dries the curly it will become. She did not really listen to me and said my hair did not appear that curly at all and began putting massive amounts of product in it to get it to curl ~ and curl it did! She then began to "fight" my hair by using a curling iron. At this point I had so much product in my hair that all the curls turned out crunchy! She then proceeded to spray it with hairspray, a hurricane could of hit and this style would have stayed forever! Even though she has curly hair she does not know how to style it ~ the cut was okay ~ but for what I paid ~ it was a painful experience. I should have just paid for the cut and not the style. My son who was with me ~ just about laughed himself breathless and I can assure you it was a "Shirley Temple" moment! I had to run errand ~ so I PULLED my hands through my hair enough to put it in a pony tail.

Reviewed on 03.25.08

Stylist: Melodie

I went to her because of the good reviews I saw here....but I must say I had a completely different experience! She appears to know NOTHING about taking care of and cutting curly hair. I explained to her that I don't shampoo my hair or use combs at all, yet she insisted that she had to do both of those things in order to cut it. She spent most of our appointment attempting to yank through my hair with different combs and brushes. To layer my hair, she stretched it out straight and then snipped it straight across--no respect for individual curls at all. She then rushed me out with my hair still dripping wet, because I had told her that I don't blow-dry my hair (the only part of my routine she actually listened to, apparently). Maybe wavy-haired people have better success with Melodie...but if you have extremely curly, fine hair like me---and if you go by the CG routine at all--I'd avoid this stylist.

Reviewed on 08.27.07

Stylist: Melodie

I found Melodie through this site-thanks to everybody who recommended her! She is a curly girl herself, and she really loves to style curly hair. She keeps up on the latest products and techniques,and is a very warm and friendly person. Plus it's a great, full-service, Aveda salon.

Reviewed on 02.16.07

Stylist: Melodie

Based on the great reviews on this site, I made an appointment to see Melodie. I was not disappointed - she's fantastic! She listened to what I had to say about my hair, and for the first time in a long time, my cut didn't shrink up to be too short. Thanks, Melodie!

Reviewed on 11.18.06

Stylist: Melodie

I was first recommended to Melodie through a friend years ago. From the first haircut to the present, she has never been short of fabulous. I found this site while browsing for a salon in my new hometown, Dallas. I was SHOCKED at some of the comments a certain person posted (more times than should be allowed). It is always fun to go see Melodie, like visiting an old friend. In fact, we even exchange Christmas cards and I make special trips to Houston to see her for my haircuts! We always discuss new ways to cut my hair, new styles to try with my outrageous hair. I never leave disappointed, and the entire staff is not only helpful, but make you feel like a part of the family. I can not imagine a bad experience with Melodie, but if I had, she was just a call away. To fellow curlycues: I STRONGLY recommend Melodie. She'll serve you a glass of champagne, make you laugh, and most importantly, tame those unruly curls! (p.s. Tell her Kim sent you!)

Reviewed on 02.24.06