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1711 Westheimer Road
Houston, TX

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Stylist: Sean

Sean has been cutting my curly hair for years and has moved to 6100 Westheimer in side Alex Burton Salons. check out his web page or call 7135284450.

Reviewed on 11.21.14

Stylist: Sean

Last week, I got a *fantastic* haircut from Sean. I'm recovering from a bad haircut that left my hair very damaged, so I was a little nervous. I have very thick, fine hair that is between waves and curls, and I usually end up with cuts that give me either pyramid head or mushroom head. That did not happen this time! From the start, it was clear that Sean knew what he was talking about as he evaluated my hair. He gave me a great haircut that let my loose curls come through and that has been SO easy to fix myself at home. He used Bumble and Bumble products which seemed to work very well on my hair, but he did did not try to pressure me into buying them. I will definitely be going back to Sean for my next haircut! One drawback is parking; there is only street parking, which given the salon's location, can be a little difficult. I was lucky enough to find a spot right in front, at 6pm on a Thursday. I was so impressed with my haircut, that parking won't dissuade from going here, I'll just take it into account and get there a few minutes early in case I have to walk a couple of blocks.

Reviewed on 02.28.12

Stylist: Sean

Sean is great! This might be the best haircut I have ever gotten! I hadn't had a real haircut in about a year so the layers were pretty shaggy. Sean has great instinct with hair and gave me exactly what I wanted. He's really laid back and not pushy at all. I have never been so relaxed when getting a haircut!

Reviewed on 07.16.11

Stylist: Sean

I have two friends (with 3b & 3c hair) who had wonderful cuts and glowing recommendations of Sean and so I went to try him out. The picture in my Avatar is from the first time he cut my hair. NEVER had ANYONE done a cut that was so accomodating to the shape of my face and my lifestyle. He also understood that as a student (at the time) I was strapped for cash so I couldn't afford all their fancy products, so he gave me a few rules to follow when buying products to use in my hair. He was the first person EVER to give me a dry haircut which completely blew my mind! A year and a half ago I got a coupon for a new place and decided to try it...BIG mistake. This other stylist blew out my hair straight and THEN cut it, thinning it out too much at the top, giving me no real layers and a middle part which I SPECIFICALLY asked NOT to get. When I washed my hair and it curled up again, my head looked like a pyramid. It was AWFUL! Just this week I came back to Sean and he was wonderful and fixed the problem and now I will never go to anyone else! I hadn't seen him in over a year and he STILL remembered me and my hair and my specific difficulties. If you need a good haircut in Houston and have curly hair, Sean is your man and Cutloose is the place!

Reviewed on 05.12.11

Stylist: Brandon

My hair is only 3A, but very, very think and puffy. Brandon was very receptive to the kind of look I wanted, as well as to how much time I usually have to spend on my hair. He was honest about what options I had, and gave me a really great cut.

Reviewed on 01.19.07

Stylist: Jon Chao

I went to see Jon because of the glowing comments on this site. I have very difficult curly hair-some parts of it curl tighter than other parts, it is naturally very coarse, etc. He began telling me how to take care of my curly hair (I have it down to a science, but I will always take suggestions. . .) I agree with a lot of what he said, but some of it did not hold true with my hair. I told him this, and he told me I was being very skeptical. I tried telling him once again about my hair type, and that stylists often make incorrect assumptions about my hair, and he didn't seem to be listening to me. I told him to please try to keep the length, and that layers in the front have worked very well in the past. . ... I left the salon in tears. It is by far the worst cut I have ever gotten. My hair is now very short, very poofy, and uneven all over. In one part, it looks like I have a chunk of hair missing. When I expressed my dissatisfaction to him, he said because it wasn't dry all the way. . ..even when it was dry all the way, it still looked absolutely horrible. He did not listen to me, seemed to think he knew everything about curly hair (even though he said he knows he doesn't), and now my hair looks absolutely horrible.

Reviewed on 08.19.06

Stylist: Jon Chao

I recently visited Jon Chao, based on recommendations on this site, and absolutely loved him! Until now, I had not met a stylist so meticulous in cutting curly hair. He did a wonderful job. I have type 3A curls; when I went in, my hair was long, curly and dry. He talked with me, at length, about how to take better care of my hair (without lecturing) and I trusted him enough to have him cut my hair to chin length. He cut my hair dry and it looked fabulous! I couldn't be happier and would recommend him to other curly heads!

Reviewed on 07.21.06

Stylist: Jon Chao

This man is amazing - I went to Jon per the review on this site, and I must say that I couldn't be happier! He is not curly himself (actually, he's a young, trendy, asian guy with a bit of wave - but not too much), but he definitely knows his stuff! He has read Curly Girl and been to Lorraine Massey's salon in NYC... When I told him that I don't shampoo (except for the Deva no/low-poo), use a brush, or blow-dry straight he was elated! Apparently he's spent a lot of time trying to convince his curly/wavy clients to lay off/quit shampooing. My 3A hair was quite long (mid-back), and had gotten very heavy at the ends (and flat on top). He only took about 2" of the length, but boy did he do a great job on my layers!! He spent about an hour meticulously cutting each curl - dry - and didn't shampoo/condition at all. I now have MUCH better volume/shape/bounce in my hair, and am looking forward to the decrease in drying time!! The cut was $60 - and WELL WORTH the money!! I have had $70 cuts that were not nearly as good! I can't recommend him highly enough - go see Jon for an awesome cut!!

Reviewed on 01.26.06