Josephine's Day Salon & Spa

1127 Eldridge Parkway Suite1008
Houston, TX

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Stylist: Lilly

If you have curly hair do not see Lilly! I saw Lilly based on a reccomendation from a friend who got a cut from her (my friend has straight hair. Should have known.) I told her I just wanted my hair shaped a little better, and she said she would need to straighten my hair in order to cut it. I assumed that she meant she would just have to wet it, but oh no; before I knew it she blew out my hair stick straight and then cut it. Granted, the cut looked great and my hair looked fabulous straight, but I explicitly told her several times before she cut it that I NEVER straighten my hair. Now I am stuck with a cut that looks awful when curly. The salon itself was very nice and I have no complaints about it, but do not go see Lilly if you have curly hair. She won't listen to you and is anti-curl.

Reviewed on 11.05.07