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Stylist: Kitsa

I have been here to get my 3B curly hair cut several times. I am agreement with the Fri. Feb 16th, 2007 review. The first time I received a good haircut. The 2nd and 3rd time (kept hoping for better), the cut was average-didn't hold up well, and eventually ended up with triangle-head! To be perfectly honest, the 2nd AND 3rd time Kitsa seemed rushed/preoccupied. The lady that washes hair (asian lady) gave me a cursory shampoo/ condition, my back was soaking wet and she then proceeded to comb out my curly hair with a FINE TOOTH COMB!WTH? A huge no no for curly hair. Why doesn't the staff know this? Also they basically slapped on some conditioner (that didn't seem very hydrating) and rinsed it right out-most will leave a thicker, hydrating, conditioner on curly hair for at least a few minutes-too rushed, again. What I am trying to convey here is that there are some very basic, Curly Hair 101 things missing here. I don't comment on how nice (Kitsa is very nice!)or friendly, great listener the hairstylist is because I am going to them for a great haircut, not therapy. I want to know first and foremost: do they conduct themselves professionally and do they give a great curly cut? Summary: Haircut here is slightly above average-but not the curly hair guru expert level-yet.

Reviewed by Guest on 10.31.07

Stylist: Kitsa

I've got 4A curls so it's hard to find someone willing to give it a try. I tried this stylist based on reviews from this site. The first time I went the cut & color were amazing, but I left a little disappointed. I left w/wet hair & no style. Given I don't have many choices for good cuts, I returned two other times for cut & color, & the styling got worse w/a not so good cut the final time (uneven when dry...who would've known since it was wet when I left). It's expensive so I expected to leave LOOKING GREAT, but each time, I had to go home IMMEDIATELY to properly style my hair. You be the judge.

Reviewed by Guest on 2.16.07

Stylist: Kitsa

Kitsa gave me the best cut I have had in years. Kept my length, gave me nice long layers. No Triangle head! I have curly, 3B/C hair.

Reviewed by Guest on 12.9.06

Stylist: Kitsa

Kitsa does a great job of cutting and styling curly hair. However, she is very opinionated on some subjects.

Reviewed by Guest on 4.13.06

Stylist: Kitsa

I have been going to Kitsa for a while now and have never once been disappointed. I have dry curly hair that gets split ends if I don't cut it every six weeks or so. Kitsa cuts long layers into my hair that look good when I style it curly or straight. Last cut, she even gave me bangs that blend in well when I wear my hair curly. What I really like about her technique is that she point cuts (cuts up at an angle) for texturizing. This thins out the ends of the layers to avoid triangle-head and gives the ends a little extra flip when I blow dry my hair straight. I highly recommend Kitsa for those looking for a versatile and fairly low-maintenance cut.

Reviewed by Guest on 1.26.06