Vidal Sassoon

6961 E 5th Avenue
Scottsdale, AZ 85251

User Reviews

Stylist: Toby

Toby is actually a co-owner of the salon and for good reason -- this guy knows what he's doing with curls, and does it effortlessly. I was nervous when he started cutting my hair wet, but the end result was FABULOUS. Since I have walked out of his chair I have gotten compliments daily, and people stop me on the street to ask what I put in my hair to get those fabulous curls (what they don't know is it's not completely the product, it's the stylist). He is pricey at 90 bucks, and i usually don't splurge on haircuts, so that hurt, but he did such a great job i probably would have paid 100 (which i did after the tip, lol). Book an appointment with Toby now, you will love him.

Reviewed on 10.15.07

Stylist: Tien

Having read all of the other numerous recommendations for Tien, I decided to give him a try. I've gone through my entire life hating my hair and never being about to find someone who knew how to cut it. My extremely long 3C/4A hair had gotten on my nerves as it was nearing my waist and about at least 30 minutes in the shower just conditioning it. Tien cut my hair into an amazingly cute bob, something I've been afraid of doing for the longest time. I absolutely love how it turned out; he took my comments and his own initiative to transform my hair. I get so many compliments these days, random people come up and tell me they love my hair. The $70 dollars it cost to go there was worth it; I'd do it over again in a heart beat.

Reviewed on 09.25.06

Stylist: Tien

I love Tien! I went in and sat in his chair and nearly started crying because I was so fed up with my hair and so confused about how to care for it. Tien is a total sweetheart and very competent with curls. When I told him he could cut it however he thought was best, he didn't automatically take a lot of length off- he said the length I had was perfect for me. I heart him.

Reviewed on 06.10.06