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18720 Stone Oak#123
San Antonio, TX

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Stylist: Elva

It's been quite a while since I've gone to this salon, and I am aware that Elva is no longer working there, but I wanted to know if anyone else had an experience similar to mine. When I went for my consultation Elva seemed to really know what she was talking about, being a curly herself, and having read reviews of her work on this website, I was all too ready to proclaim her my hair savior. But after cutting my hair she started "twirling" it, which entailed slathering immense amounts of product onto a piece of hair until it was glued together and spinning it around her finger. While the process created neat, defined curls, there was so much product in my hair that it felt rock-solid and quite heavy, took FOREVER to dry, and positively reeked of that Aveeda stuff they were pimpin out. I ended up feeling like a stinky, crusty, wet mop. I didn't even really like the way it looked (my hair was sticking really close to my head because of all the gel and I prefer a bit more volume) but I figured it was because it was so different from what I was used to, and everyone kept telling me how great I looked. So I bought all their products and went on to repeat the process after every shower, which took about an hour and a half each night. It was just too much work for me and not enough payoff, which was why when I returned to her for a trim, I asked if there was any way she could style my hair without doing "the twirly thing". She seemed offended and told me that unless I did it her way, my hair couldn't get much better than "this" fluffing the huge, poofy, un-twirled mass on my head. I was heart-broken, thinking myself doomed to repeat the hellish Aveeda twirl for the rest of my life, lest I wish to suffer from clown hair. But I have since learned that she was wrong, and that all my hair needed to retain a smaller shape was a bit of layering. I don't know if I misunderstood her all those years ago or if she really, truly believed my hair couldn't look good without being drowned in product, but I feel like if she's as knowledgable as she claims to be, she could've just layered my hair and saved me a lot of trouble.

Reviewed on 08.01.12

Stylist: Elva

I found Elva!! You can call her at 210-412-7688.

Reviewed on 09.14.10

Stylist: Elva

I too am a fan of Elva. I loved what she did to my hair. The review below me, concerning her, is very similar to the one I would give. However, I just found out she is no longer working there. Anyone know where she is now? If I never find her, is there another hairstylist you would recommend, either at K.Charles or elsewhere in San Antonio, that cuts curly hair well? I'm at a loss! Ugggh!

Reviewed on 09.01.10

Stylist: Miranda

Worst haircut EVER!!! Do not go to this place. They schedule appointments 30 minutes apart and with hair like mine, I need a lot more than 30 minutes with my stylist. Although Miranda claimed she was a "perfectionist," she did not even offer to style or fix my hair after it was washed. She had already moved on to another client who so desperately needed highlights. The worst part is, I am getting married in less than 2 weeks!!! I asked her to texturize/thin my hair, explained the methods that were used in the past, and she proceeded to use some horrid method of thinning while ignoring all of my input. It was very clear that she had no idea what she was doing and I now look like I am balding!!! And, I left with my hair dripping wet and dryer than it has ever been. Thanks a lot, Miranda. NEVER going back!

Reviewed on 06.19.08

Stylist: Elva

I recently moved to San Antonio and was searching for someone to cut my thick, curly hair. Elva at K.Charles was highly recommended to me and with good reason. She consulted with me before I was even shampooed and I could tell from the beginning that I was in good hands! She is very knowledgeable concerning curls and how to cut them, which makes sense since she herself is a curly girl! I had envisioned what I wanted to look like when I left the salon and she FAR EXCEEDED my expectations!! She is also a perfectionist with regards to her work. She reviewed my hair from every angle before she let me leave. I was getting complements on my cut before I even walked out the door. In a sea of stylists ELVA truly is a pearl and me and my locks feel lucky to have found her!

Reviewed on 10.26.07

Stylist: Elva

To all you curly girls who use to go to Jennifer at K.Charles...you may have heard she is no longer doing hair...Well, who cuts Jennifer's hair? Elva, at K.Charles...how do I know that, this is Jennifer writing this. Elva is one of the most talented stylists I have had the priviledge to work with....along with everyone else at K.Charles. I left my other recommendations there at the Salon, so call!!!!! I also trust Elva's judgement on who she recommends at the other locations of K.Charles. Thanks to everyone who came in to see me in the past 10 years, it has been a priviledge and a honor to do your hair, Curly Girls ROCK!!!!!

Reviewed on 01.25.07