Visual Impact Studio

7000 E Shea Blvd
Suite 1730
Scottsdale, AZ 85254

User Reviews

Stylist: Alberto

I had my first haircut today with Alberto, and I totally love it! My hair is coarse, very dense and in the 3b/c range. For some reason, my hair always looks its worse when I go in for a cut, but Alberto was still able to work with it. I asked him not to shampoo, so he conditioned only. Normally, I would have asked for my hair to be cut dry, but since it looked so dehydrated and frizzy when I walked in, I knew the conditioner would help. He did comb it to cut it, but my hair turned out to be the length that I asked for. Alberto is a natural curly himself, probably in the 3a range with a medium texture. He was friendly and helpful. I didn't like the style that I left with, it was too big for my taste, however, he did offer some useful styling tips, which I have used successfully. Anyone with thick, coarse (strands)or extremely curly (3b-4a)hair should go and see Alberto. And everyone at the salon was nice, and no one gawked at me, although my hair was a huge fro and then a curly afro (think Barbara Streisand) at certain points. It definetly is a welcoming salon, no matter the hair type or texture.

Reviewed on 03.12.10

Stylist: Alberto

I wanted to love this salon but ultimately I looked for a new stylist. Alberto did a fabulous job the first time I went and really spent time and paid attention to me. The second time was okay and the third time was just awful. I had a cold and it was late winter. I asked if he could dry my hair after the cut, but he said I didn't book that, only a cut. So after globbing on too much curl gel, they stuck me under the dryer for a bit and I left with my hair in dry hard spirals, which I washed out when I got home. I won't pay money for that again.

Reviewed on 08.21.09

Stylist: Alberto

I really hate the cut I got from Alberto at this salon. My hair is fine & thin & he made it look even thinner. It also doesn't blend. It will take me at least a year to get this mess back to normal. I also had a problem with the color. Once it started to wear off, I ended up with brassy red highlights. I can't believe how much money I spent to have my hair ruined. I can understand that maybe I didn't have the right hair type for this particular cut, but it would have been nice to have been told this before hand. I definitely would not recommend this salon to anyone.

Reviewed on 04.04.09

Stylist: Alberto Martinez

I heard about a curly hair specialist in Scottsdale, Arizona a couple of weeks ago. I just had my hair cut and colored at that salon over the weeked and it looks awesome. I am bi-racial and have fine, curly hair (3b-c)that tends to get frizzy. Alberto does Ouidad cutting and styling and he takes a long time explaining how to recreate the same look at home. I did my hair this morning for work and it turned out almost exaclty the same. I'm so excited to finally be loving my super curly hair!

Reviewed on 07.16.07

Stylist: Alberto

This is the ONLY Ouidad salon in Arizona. Alberto was great! It just opened in spring of 2007, so I had to see what the whole Ouidad carve and slice cut was all about. Well, I Alberto gave me the best cut ever! Seriously I can't remeber ever seeing such frizz free perfect ringlets before. The colorist is also amazing. His name is Misael and he can do color corrections, advanced coloring techniques and he managed to make my botched copper ends blend perfectly with my roots. If you have curly hair in Arizona, you owe it to yourself to try this place out!

Reviewed on 07.15.07