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Stylist: Mel Zitting

I LOVE my hair cut!! I have never had a true "Curly" cut and it was awesome! Finally someone who doesn't make me feel guilty about having curly hair and helps me to love it more. Mel was great and took her time to study my hair and listen to my concerns. It was different then any other haircut I have had and sooooo much better. I learned new tricks to help my curls be beautiful. I love the shape and my curls have never looked so good. I have found a new best friend for my curls.

Reviewed on 11.19.13

Stylist: Kara Peterson

Let me start out by saying I have not had a hair cut for 3 years because of tramatizing haircuts, and dam layers.The office was clean and very professional. Kara was really nice and friendly. I told her multiple times to not cut my hair very short only a trim and she started cutting the back. When she got the the front I realized she was giving me layers on the top of my head that were really short. I started to cry because I have been growing my hair out for 3 years, and she cut a good 3 inches of the top of my head. There was no stopping her because she was already half way done. I came home a cried. I am sure she was doing her best, but I will never let anyone cut my hair ever again this is the last time I will look like a n idiot.

Reviewed on 08.09.13

Stylist: Mel Zitting

MEL IS FANTASTIC!!! First of all, the salon is AWESOME! I walked in the door and to my surprise, EVERYONE IS CURLY!!!!! I felt right at home there. I could tell from the phone call when I made my appointment that I was in for a real treat. Mel asked me if my hair was curly or straight, thick or fine and how long it was. She told me to prep my hair (just get it a little wet to reactivate the curls) so she could get a real feel of how it curls and how I like to wear it. Mel took me downstairs to her chair, which is quiet and secluded. She spent a good amount of time talking to me about my hair before doing anything. She did some real examining of my curl pattern and discovered that I've got several different types to curls in this mop. First she spread my hair out, then took off most of the length while it was dry. Next came the BEST shampooing experience I've ever had. It was so amazing!!! Mel knows how to work the scalp and make it feel revitalized. Next came the styling love. She spent a lot of time getting every curl right and used DEVA curl products, which smell AMAZING!! She also had these microfiber gloves that she used to "towel dry" my hair. She did some final cleaning of the cut and used a diffuser to dry. This is, by far, the BEST haircut I've ever had. Her prices are reasonable and TOTALLY worth every penny. I was so excited about my cut that I immediately went into work on my day off and shared my experience with a co-worker who is learning to love her curls and she's going to make an appointment soon! Mel knows what she's doing and really loves doing it. Make an appointment with Mel TODAY!!!

Reviewed on 11.15.12

Stylist: Kara Peterson

Had probably the best haircut ever today with Kara! I've been to stylists before who have been trained to cut curly hair.. but Kara took her time and really created a masterpiece!! You can tell she knows what she's doing and for the first time I felt like I could completely trust the person cutting my hair! My hair has been kind of dead here in the lack of humidity but I was amazed to see what it looked like when she was done! Definitely worth all of the exclamation points. Haha.

Reviewed on 06.29.12

Stylist: Ivy Cecy

Ivy took all the time I needed to explain how to treat my wavy hair. Since her instruction and direction to get the book CurlyGirl, I am much happier with my hair. She suggested I grow it out more to see even more curl. Just a little longer since then, and I can see much more curl and definition. I am so happy to have found Aura salon and Ivy. I hadn't known there was any such thing as a salon specializing in curly hair. Now I don't fuss with my hair nearly as much. I moisturize it and leave it. Thank you Ivy!

Reviewed on 06.20.11

Stylist: Ivy

Went yesterday to have my hair cut with Ivy. I've been to this salon before and then I decided to just straighten my hair everyday and stopped going for a couple years. I decided I wanted to go curly again. Ivy did the BEST job ever with everything. The cut was amazing. I had been getting straight hair type cuts for the past 2 years and thought my hair was a disaster. Ivy didn't think so and she did her magic. I could see my hair transforming with each curly cut she made. The time at the shampoo station was AWESOME!!! I didn't want to leave. She gave the best scalp and neck massage ever. She went over products with me. I really didn't like the deva gels for my hair and she suggested another one called, Bracato and it was wonderful stuff! I bought a bottle of the gel. I can't wait to go back and get the queen for the day treatment.

Reviewed on 05.13.11

Stylist: Ivy Cecy

Ivy not only gave me the best haircut of my life, but she spent an insane amount of time showing me how to properly style my hair and how to put product in as well as going over what type of product would be best for my hair type. Best haircut of my life, and I highly recommend both Ivy and Aura!

Reviewed on 04.17.11

Stylist: Kara Peterson

I live in Logan Utah, which is 90 miles north of Salt Lake City. There is no one in my area that can cut curly hair!I found Kara on a thread here on and made an appointment with her. She was SO sweet. She didn't just CUT my hair, she taught me so much about caring for my curls. It was the most educational haircut I ever had! She was able to tell me about products that would be best for my type of hair, and best of all, she showed me how to clip my hair as it air dried. an excellent pointer she gave was to bend the metal alligator clips a little so they don't slide out- genius! My hair looked better than it ever has. Even my husband, who normally doesn't care what I do with my hair, said he loved my new "Deva" haircut. I told Kara that I'd have to figure out when I'd be in Salt Lake City again to get my next haircut. She said that she had a friend in Logan, where I live, and she'd let me know the next time she came up to visit her. She actually did, and she came right to my house and cut my hair! It was worth it for me to give her a big tip and cover her gas too! Now THAT's customer service that I've never had from a stylist before! Because of Kara, I love my curls more than I ever have. She is so sweet, very talented, and most importantly, she is an excellent teacher in the class of curls!

Reviewed on 02.14.11

Stylist: Rachel Hoang

I just went to Rachel a few weeks ago for the first time. She is the first stylist who has been willing to cut my hair short, and she did a great job! I get compliments on it everyday. She had great styling tips for my 3b curls, too. I love that she was willing to try what I wanted, even though it was a drastic cut from what I had. She was so fun to talk to and really took time getting to know my hair routine and what products I use and what I wanted before she even touched her scissors. Loved that! I will definitely be going back when I need another cut.

Reviewed on 01.22.11

Stylist: Ivy

I love Ivy!! Best haircut ever. You will not be disappointed with the service or how friendly she is and most important her expertise.

Reviewed on 01.18.11

Stylist: Kara Peterson

This was my first time getting a curly cut, and I LOVED it! I finally came away from a salon with the right shape for my curly hair! Kara listened to my concerns about my hair and was able to help me understand more about how to apply products more effectively and how to create more volume at the roots of my hair rather than having it be super flat on top. I am getting ready to schedule another hair appointment and I'm so excited to go back! Aura Salon is a very clean and beautiful salon and most of their stylists are certified with Deva. Kara is also a Deva Educator, which was one of the reasons I decided to go with her in the first place.

Reviewed on 01.06.11

Stylist: Ivy

I had my first cut from Ivy Aug 6, 2010 and loved the whole experience. Loved my hair, loved the friendly and welcoming attitude Ivy has, would definately have my hair cut again by Ivy. She listened to me and what I wanted and gave great tips and information.

Reviewed on 11.04.10

Stylist: Ivy Cecy

I had my first curly haircut EVER today with Ivy, and I LOVE the result. My hair has so much more volume and curl, and Ivy had plenty of tips for me! She was also incredibly friendly and made me feel much less like a chore, and more like a welcome customer! I'm 18 and only working twelve hours a week on minimum wage, but saving up for the cut was definitely doable. I think I'll definitely be back next time I'm due for one!

Reviewed on 08.03.10

Stylist: Rachel and Ann Marie

This was my first "real" curly haircut AND my first all over hair what a difference it makes when you go to someone who knows curly hair! I can't even count how many times I've tried to find a stylist by asking if they they know curly hair, or have natural curl themselves, and they always say "YES!" Imagine my disappointment when I show up to my appointment find that they really don't know how to deal with curl! I'm sure you don't have to imagine because you've been there yourself! Their way of dealing with the curl is to iron it! In the end they always want to blow dry and brush because they really DON'T know how to deal with curls. I don't think you'd find anyone like that at Aura! Rachel and Ann Marie are awesome, they are both very knowledgeable and so helpful! I ended up going back about a week after my initial cut for a little touch up trimming and more time with Rachel to learn how to style my hair. She offered this to me with no hesitation. I've never had this level of service at a salon...I would go back just for the excellent service! I am positively thrilled with my cut and color and I would recommend Aura to anyone...curly or straight hair. I have red hair, and I never thought I'd ever be able to get a color that would do my natural hair color justice...they proved me wrong! I had ugly highlight regrowth that I wanted to have fixed and thought I would have to get more highlights to blend them in. I wasn't thrilled with the idea of more damaging highlights. Imagine my joy when these ladies whipped up a color that matches my natural hair color perfectly...I have my beautiful red hair back, and the curls look phenomenal because they were cut and shaped perfectly!

Reviewed on 06.22.10

Stylist: Kara

Kara is a fantastic stylist. My hair loves her and behaves so nicely once she has cut it. I would definitely recommend her to anybody who wants a fantastic cut.

Reviewed on 10.31.09

Stylist: Ann Marie / Kara

Both are Deva trained stylists & I got great cuts from both. Salt Lake is my hometown & I only visit every 2 years, which is also the only time my hair is cut. I trust both these stylists with my long 3b hair. The cuts grow out beautifully & all I need to do is snip 1/4 off the ends every 6 mos.

Reviewed on 05.08.09

Stylist: Kara Peterson

Kara is the best! My hair has never looked or felt so good! Ever since Kara cut my hair, I have gotten at least 2 compliments a day on it! One of the best things - she took the time to answer all of my questions, and her tips really work!

Reviewed on 01.20.09

Stylist: Kara Peterson

Love this girl! She was fabulous to have work on my hair, educate me on my hair, and style my hair. It wasn't quite as curly as I can get, but that's to be expected. My hair looks fab now!

Reviewed on 04.06.08

Stylist: Ann Marie Lasater

Awesome experience. Very knowledgeable on how to cut and style naturally curly hair. Taught me a lot about caring for my "special" hair. I can't believe that I don't look frizzy and fluffy all the time. I wish I would have found her 20 years ago!

Reviewed on 01.08.08

Stylist: Kara Peterson

Fantastic. My hair has not been this curly, manageable, or healthy. It looks great. I would definitely recommend Kara. I found her on She can also be booked from this site.

Reviewed on 08.22.07

Stylist: Ann Marie Lasater

If you are still searching for that one person in Utah that understands how to cut and care for curly hair you must make an appointment with Ann Marie Lasater! She has been professionally trained and really takes the time to educate you about your curly locks. In December of 2006, she moved from Trolley Square's Sacred Roots Salon to Vicacci at Studio 247 in downtown Salt Lake. Visit her web site at!

Reviewed on 03.02.07