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User Reviews (4)

Stylist: Jooae

Worst. experience. ever. I went for a cut, highlights, and a blowout. I don't think Jooae really listened to me; I think she was too busy gossiping. One other client came in with strange looking roots (black roots, medium brown hair). Turns out, she was there to get her color corrected. They'd botched it the week before. (It was another stylist that botched it, not Jooae.) The whole salon complained that this poor girl was a whiner the minute she was out of earshot. But her hair looked awful and needed to be fixed! I should've left then. But I didn't. I stayed. Jooae used bleach (I think?) to try to acheive carmel colored highlights it my medium/dark brown 3b curls. She stared applying the color on the front left side of my head. I know this because, months and several attempts at color correction later, I still have a patch of hair that is lighter. It was WHITE right after the color. Jooae insisted that it would "blend" when my hair was curly. It didn't. The blowout took an absurd amount of time. The whole time Jooae made me feel guilty about how long it was taking. The end result was awful.

Stylist: Nina

This woman yammered incessantly about everything under the sun all the while chopping and shearing. She sounded like she knew what she was talking about and had perfectly normal hair herself, so I told her I wanted to take a couple of inches off and give my hair some shape. I walked out with what was essentially a really expensive mullet. Then some other person that works there with god-awful "funky" hair told me I look "punk rock." It wasn't fully horrible until I washed it and tried to style it myself. My boyfriend laughed and laughed.

REVIEWED BY: Guest  |  12.19.07

Stylist: Khin

Khin does an amazing job with my out of control curly hair. She cuts it so that the natural curl is free to do its thing with almost no effort on my part. At Glynn Jones, they are willing to work with your personality to give you the look that's best for you. The staff is exceptionally friendly, though the tipping procedure is awkward; you need cash and you have to put it in little money bags for each stylist, and it's never clear how much should go to the stylist or the shampooist. But the atmosphere is modern and pleasant - I've been a client since they opened and I've always been happy with my hair.

REVIEWED BY: Guest  |  8.25.06

Stylist: Glynn Jones

I was new in town and had the great fortune to see a woman walking in Alexandria with a great haircut and when I asked her who cut her hair - she directed me to Glynn at his salon in Alexandria- 20 or so haircuts later- he is has given me the best haircuts - particular to my hair (very thick and full of collects) and I am always complimented on them. I now have to drive a distance to get there- and wouldn't consider going elsewhere- the service is always gracious (head massage when shampooing, whatever you need to drink- and they are good about working with your schedule) I would definitely recommend and urge you to go there!

REVIEWED BY: Guest  |  4.24.06