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11 Abba Pure Curl Shampoo

Curl Enhancing Shampoo for naturally curly or permed hair. Restores manageability, builds body and adds bounce to curly or wavy hair.

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12 Abba Pure Moisture Conditioner

Restores moisture balance of dry hair and scalp. Contains Sage, Geranium and Mint which act as herbal therapy for healing and conditioning.

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13 Abba Pure Curl Conditioner

Revitalize, detangle, shape and shine curly or wavy hair!

14 Abba Herbal Remedy Leave-In Treatment Correct Moisture

Natural herbal ingredients penetrate the hair cuticle to soften and provide manageability. After treatment, hair contains 2x the moisture as before treatment. Contains palm oil to deeply moisturize and improve manageability.

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15 Abba Herbal Remedy Leave-In Treatment Correct Color Protect

Natural herbal ingredients penetrate the hair cuticle and rebuilds chemically treated fragile hair. Hair becomes 10% stronger after treatment. Contains soy proteins to strengthen and rebuild hair.

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16 Abba Pure Curl Finish Spray

Curl Activator spray gel with low pH to bring back your curls and give long lasting hold.

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17 Abba Pure Gentle Shampoo

Cleanses hair without harshness. Contains Watercress, high in vitamin A, which has healing and relaxing properties. Aloe Extract adds moisture and promotes gentle healing.

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18 Abba Pure Curl Prep

Revitalizes and defines natural or permed curls. Contains Lemon Grass and Orange Peel Oil to add luster and sheen to hair.

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19 Abba Pure Recovery Conditioner

Treatment that can be used bi-weekly or more frequently to replenish weak, fragile hair. Contains Lavender and Mint to soothe and condition while providing a calming aromatherapeutic experience.

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20 Abba Pure Pomade

Provides soft control and extreme shine on wet or dry hair. Contains Avocado to create hold without build-up. Mica Crystals offer heat protection and shine.