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21 Aestelance Balance Scalp Lotion

This daily maintenance lotion benefits healthy hair growth, strengthens keratin, helps prevent scales and balances scalp functions. Adding drops of Aestelance Aromazone essential oils creates a tailor-made scalp lotion for treating specific aesthetic conditions.

22 Aestelance Balm Leave-In Conditioner

Quick and easy conditioning without rinsing out. Protects hair from heat-styling, the elements and UV rays. A leave-on hair conditioner, detangler and end protector to protect the hair and make it smooth and shiny. Based on Seaweed. Excellent for coarse, curly hair.

Balm moistures and softens coarse, curly hair and coarse, damaged hair. A combination of proteins, botanicals and seaweed...

23 Aestelance Energy Leave-In Strengthener

Adds strength, moisture and sheen to all types of hair but especially fine, limp and fragile hair. Protects against heat damage and color fade.

24 Aestelance Oil Complex Repair Treatment

This intensive treatment for hair and scalp brings all damaged hair to life and keeps the scalp in healthy condition.

25 Aestelance Protein Mask

A balanced blend of silk amino acids, fatty acids and moisture-binding substances makes this a very versatile and effective treatment for very dry, very porous and severely damaged hair.

Silk proteins, blended fatty acids, and seaweed extracts in the Protein Mask leaves your hair feeling soft and smooth. The lipids improve elasticity and bind moisture to give your curls more bounce and...