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1 African Wonders Pre-Treat Stimulating Hair Bath

Deep Cleans hair and soothes irritated scalp, killing bacteria and lifting sebum residue and dandruff. Made with high quality alpha-hydroxy (fruit acids) and tea tree oil to stimulate circulation to the scalp and promote healthy fuller hair growth. 8 fl.oz.

2 African Wonders Hydrolyzer

Deep penetrating moisturizing conditioner that deposits moisture to the cortex layer of the hair resulting in lush, bouncy, healthier looking hair. Made with refreshing balm mint, eucalyptus and peppermint oils, soy and wheat protein for stimulating and nourishing dry hair and scalps.

3 African Wonders Re-Seal

Strengthens relaxed, permed or color treated hair. Repairs hair shaft, fills in hair cuticle and seals split ends. Made with highly concentrated hyrolyzed soy, wheat and keratin proteins. Leaves hair silky soft with a healthy sheen.

4 African Wonders Hair Reformer

Plant and herbal (papaya, comphrey, rose hips) heat activated hair relaxer that loosens and softens natural curl and tames frizzies. Contains no caustic chemicals, use between relaxer touch-ups or to grow out chemically treated hair.

5 African Wonders Hair Dew

Light gel that holds hair in place and dries soft to the touch. Made with jojoba, cactus, Indian hemp and humectants. Perfect for curly-looks, waves and slicked back styles.

6 African Wonders Recovery Treatment

Recovery Treatment- (Reconstructive Hair Bonding Mask) Emergency hair treatment designed to stop breakage and strengthen damaged hair. Made with high quality concentrated keratin protein to repair broken bonds by filling in the hair shaft and sealing cuticle layer. Aloe, jojoba oil and vitamin E seal in moisture to give hair elasticity and sheen.

7 African Wonders Braid & Afro Mist Moisturizer & Shine Spray

Light, non-oily, conditioner that moisturizes natural hair making it easier to comb. Keeps hair soft under braids and reduces dryness and itching of scalp. 8 fl.oz.

8 African Wonders Natural Styler

Creamy moisturizing formula holds natural hair in place between shampoos. Perfect for braids, twists and starting locks.

9 African Wonders Natural Press

For use after relaxing, and before pressing.curling with heat.