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1 Andre Walker Hair The Gold System - Beautiful Kinks Styling Crème Gelee

Let's Talk Kinky! The perfect blend of cream and gel, Beautiful Kinks takes your Natural where it's never gone before.

Beautiful Kinks is a unique styling product – a blend of crème and gel, eliminating the need to mix products.

With Beautiful Kinks, a strong-control definer and styler, you can wear your kinky hair worn natural beautifully as your hair will be...

2 Andre Walker Hair Keratin Conditioner

Formulated to complement the strengthening benefits of Keratin Shampoo, Keratin Conditioner takes hair to a new level of manageability, and takes you to a new level of Peace.

3 Andre Walker Hair Keratin Shampoo

Keratin Shampoo is formulated to build strong, healthy hair. It is the perfect blend of the highest quality natural ingredients, such as Whole Leaf Aloe Vera and Green Tea Extract, and the best of modern science -- Keratin. Whatever your hair type, Keratin Shampoo will smooth, hydrate, and strengthen from root to tip, preparing your hair for the added benefits of Andre Walker's Keratin...

4 Andre Walker Hair The Gold System - TKO Ultimate Moisture Conditioner

This conditioner is called TKO - which means Total Keratin Obsession! Master stylist Andre Walker considers keratin very important for hair health and beauty.

Formulated to infuse directly into the hair rather than sitting on top of the hair, once applied, you immediately feel the difference as TKO softens, hydrates, and strengthens your hair. THE BENEFITS OF TKO INTENSIFY THE LONGER...

5 Andre Walker Hair The Gold System - Ultimate Moisture Sulfate Free Shampoo

This moisture-rich shampoo is specially formulated to nourish dry, coarse, textured, kinky, or curly hair, whether natural or relaxed.

Infused with luxurious, exotic, ultra-hydrating African Mongongo Oil to gently cleanse and hydrate every strand, this creamy, sulfate-free shampoo leaves hair richly moisturized and prepared for the next step in Andre Walker's amazing Gold...

6 Andre Walker Hair The Gold System - Q-Oil Quench Essential Oil

Q-Oil = Quench-Essential Oil, and is Andre Walker's solution for giving your dry hair the moisture drink it needs throughout the day.

Made with the purest Moroccan Argan Oil, plus ultra-rich African Mongongo Oil, Q-Oil nourishes, fights frizz, adds amazing shine and manageability to any area of your hair that needs smoothing any time between shampoos. Comes with a convenient pump that...

7 Andre Walker Hair Hair Make Up

Formulated to cover your hairline, your part, or long gray strands, Hair Make-Up goes on in seconds, then dries in seconds, with a naturally lustrous shine and finish. And roots or no roots, use Hair Make-Up to create dramatic highlights that match your mood, using one (or two!) of five available colors. When you wash your hair, Hair Make-Up rinses away, letting you plan your next big entrance!...

8 Andre Walker Hair The Gold System - Beautiful Curls Styling Crème

Beautiful Curls Styling Crème is a lightweight curl definer that gives silky-textured curls moisture without weight.

Lighter than our Beautiful Kinks Styler, Beautiful Curls offers just the right control to fight frizz and dryness, and is never flaky, crispy, or dull on the hair.

For stronger control and more moisture, use Beautiful Kinks Styling Crème Gelee. Also a great...

9 Andre Walker Hair The Gold System - Get It Straight Styling Crème

Formulated with thermal protection, infused with African Mongongo Oil, go silky straight with heat.

When you want to go straight using heat – whether your hair is natural or permed – Get It Straight is the leave-in styler for you. If you are a non-kinky, curly girl, or wear extensions with texture, Get It Straight is for you too.