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1 Artec Textureline Smoothing Serum

* Exceptional for blow drying smooth and straight styles
* Quicker styling during blow drying
* Blow dry wavy,curly hair into straight hair

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2 Artec Textureline VolumeGel

Weightless gel for blow drying. Adds volume and shine to all types of hair, especially fine and limp. Glaze-like consistency with unique loose foaming action that helps hair absorb gel more evenly. Safe for color-treated, permed, relaxed and natural hair.

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3 Artec Kiwi Shaping Foam

Artec Kiwi Shaping Foam Shapes and controls with reflective, high shine finish. Protects hair from effects of humidity. Unique dispenser to creates a ultra-fine, creamy foam. Distinctive fresh Kiwi fragrance. Use on wet hair to intensify hold and control. Use on dry hair to intensify texture, shine and control.

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4 Artec Kiwi Blow Serum

Leaves hair shiny and silky smooth. Ideal for stressed or frizzy hair. Moisturizes damaged hair.

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5 Artec Purehair Camomile Aloe Moisturizing Balm

Artec Purehair Chamomile Aloe Moisturizing Balm—chamomile, aloe and 8 pure essential oils are blended to replenish, moisturize and protect hair while providing natural shine. Safe for color treated, permed, relaxed and natural hair.

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6 Artec Purehair Basil Mint Detangling Elixer

Basil and 5 pure essential oils, including rosemary and peppermint, are blended to naturally detangle hair, while adding body and natural shine. Safe for color treated, permed, relaxed and natural hair.

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7 Artec Textureline Smoothing Shampoo

* Nourishes and hydrates moisture deprived hair
* Luxurious cleansing and detangling with nutrient-rich botanicals
* Exceptional smoothing, hydrating and conditioning
* Leaves hair with a luxurious feel and healthy shine

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8 Artec Textureline Control Gel

Artec Textureline Control Gel provides structure, contour and hold; Silky gel consistency applies evenly and dries quick. Safe for color treated, permed, relaxed and natural hair; Kiwi/pear fragrance.

9 Artec Textureline Aeromousse

Artec Texture Line AeroMousse volumizing spray-on mousse-gel has patented body memory technology plus peach extract to help provide lasting volume, frizz control and shine to all hair types. Apply to roots for exaggerated height. Hands-free spray-on application.

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10 Artec TextureLine Shine and Frizz Repair

Artec TextureLine Texture Shine and Frizz Repair instantly smoothes texture, split ends and flyaway hair and adds shine to frizzy dry hair; Safe for natural curly, permed, wavy, relaxed and smooth styles; Kiwi fragrance.

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