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11 Artec Kiwi Shaping Foam

Artec Kiwi Shaping Foam Shapes and controls with reflective, high shine finish. Protects hair from effects of humidity. Unique dispenser to creates a ultra-fine, creamy foam. Distinctive fresh Kiwi fragrance. Use on wet hair to intensify hold and control. Use on dry hair to intensify texture, shine and control.

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12 Artec Textureline TextureCreme

Artec TextureLine Texture Creme combines firm styling ingredients and natural moisturizers to provide weightless volume, moisture and shine for dry hair. Artec TextureLine Texture Creme is great for blow dry styling, as well as shaping and sculpting wet hair.

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13 Artec Purehair Borage Supporting Liquidgel

No description available.

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14 Artec Kiwi Manipulating Wax

ARTec Kiwi Coloreflector Manipulating Wax adds texture and definition, along with high shine for a polished look. ARTec Kiwi Coloreflector Manipulating Wax is easy to apply with a spray on application. Distinctive fresh Kiwi fragrance.

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15 Artec Purehair Geranium Replenishing Tonic

Cornsilk and 10 pure essential oils, including geranium, are blended to detangle, condition and provide incredible body and shine to all hair types. Safe for color treated, permed, relaxed and natural hair.

16 Artec Purehair Sandalwood Finishing Spray

No description available.

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18 Artec Inner Structure Treatment

Artec Textureline Inner Structure Treatment equalizes and adjusts porosity to provide healthier hair from inside out; Tames unruly hair and provides healthy shine; For color treated, permed and natural hair

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19 Artec Textureline Texturespray Hold

ARTec Textureline Texture Spray Firm Hold provides an exceptional hold without the tacky build up for those hard to hold styles. ARTec Texture Spray Firm Hold is an ecologically conscientious aerosol with no ozone reducing chemicals.

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20 Artec Textureline Material

Pliable material for matte finishes on dry or wet hair. Provides strong hold for dramatic styles, shapes and textures. Safe for color treated, permed and natural hair

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