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1 Born Organic Hydra-Gel

Hold, sculpt, define and shine with a fusion of natural goodness! Alcohol-free so hair doesn't dry out. √ Comb coils or twists. √ Wash & go. √ Twist-out. √ Quick ponytail or bun. Works for all hair types, textured curlies, wavy or straight; defines curl pattern and keeps it there. Shine, definition, hold, and maybe even second day hair! Effective on wet, damp or dry hair. For the...

2 Born Organic Pure Hold Aloe Mousse

Pure Hold Aloe Mousse holds your style like no other and without harmful or drying ingredients. Loaded with aloe and lots of hair-loving goodness, mold your style on wet, damp or dry hair. Use on dreadlocks, comb coils, twists, twist outs, curl or pattern definition for loose styles. No waiting a week for the perfect twist out. Twist your hair as normal, sleep on over night, air dry, or sit...

3 Born Organic Moisture Restore Daily Conditioner

Use this daily moisturizer for thick, porous textures that soak up lots of water. Hair becomes stronger with consistent use. Use on clean hair, or on dry hair throughout the week to smooth things out. Recommended for thick, porous, afro textures.