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1 Butters-n-Bars Grow My Hair Butter

Grow My Hair Butter is designed to promote a healthy hair environment. Raw African Shea Butter and Sweet Almond Oil work to condition and moisturize while another of nature's dynamic duos, peppermint and rosemary essential oils stimulate hair follicles to promote hair growth.

2 Butters-n-Bars Conditioning Hair Masque

The Conditioning Hair Masque not only conditions and moisturizes, it aids in loosening curl patterns which makes detangling and styling natural hair a breeze. Good for all hair types, Conditioning Hair Masque leaves hair soft and manageable.

3 Butters-n-Bars Organic Aloe Vera Spritzer

Use every day for styling or just spritz on for an easy pick me up. Great for maintaining curl definition in wash and go and 'fro' styles. All Natural also means no product build up!

4 Butters-n-Bars Medicated Shampoo

Medicated Shampoo is what you need if you have hair or scalp conditions like sebbhor dermatitis, hair loss, or dandruff for example. Infused with the power of Neem Oil and Borage Oil to help your hair shine and flourish and Aritha to thoroughly cleanse hair and scalp tp leave hair healthy and problem free!

5 Butters-n-Bars Extra Conditioning Hair Butter

Extra Conditioning Hair Butter is for those who have extra dry or damaged hair that need some TLC. This butter increases sheen and leaves overworked hair soft. It can be used everyday and especially is recommended after shampooing to seal in moisture and protect brittle, dry, and damaged hair.

6 Butters-n-Bars Coconut Hair Pomade

Coconut Oil Hair Pomade is a light hair moisturizer that is suitable for most types of hair. It is light enough to use every day and never leaves hair feeling heavy.

7 Butters-n-Bars Dandruff Control Hair Butter

Dandruff Control Hair Butter is made for those who have problems with itchy scalp and dandruff. Now reformulated to give you even better dandruff control. This butter is enriched with essential oils that control dandruff and relieve itching, and now enriched with Coconut Oil. Tea tree and Eucalyptus relieve dandruff and leave your scalp feeling tingly and refreshed.

8 Butters-n-Bars Herbal Shampoo

Herbal Shampoo is the best shampoo to strengthen your hair. It is infused with special herbs and extracts for growth that help stimulate the scalp increase circulation and keep your hair healthy.

9 Butters-n-Bars Conditioning Shampoo

Conditioning Shampoo is best for damaged, weak, and/or processed hair that needs healing and repair.

10 Butters-n-Bars Shea and Honey Shampoo

Everything you love about shea butter now in an ultra rich shampoo. We've teamed up raw shea butter with Really Raw Honey to heal and moisturize and Raw Black Soap to bring you the ultimate conditioning shampoo that cleans like a dream!! Created with Pure and Natural ingredients and formulated to leave hair soft, and manageable.