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1 Coco Curls Curl Styling Aid

Coco Curls is intended to be an all in one styling product made with shea butter and aloe to moisturize your hair and bring out the curl definition.

2 Coco Curls Moisturizing Styling Cream

Coco Curls Moisturizing Styling Cream is an 2-n-1 aloe vera juice based cream for styling and moisturizing naturally curly textures. The glycine betaine, a humectant found in all of our products, works on the cellular level to retain water in the hair, preventing damage and dryness. Unlike other humectants this beet sugar derivative doesn’t pull hydration from the environment thus ensuring...

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3 Coco Curls Revitalizing Conditioner

Coco Curls Revitalizing Conditioner includes moisturizing ingredients like castor oil and cocoa butter. This rich conditioner offers extra slip for easier and faster detangling. With ingredients like horsetail, chamomile, nettle and sage, your hair will be strengthened from root to tip. You will love the increased manageability and lustrous shine you see when using Coco Curls Revitalizing...

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4 Coco Curls Hydrating Shampoo

Coco Curls Hydrating Shampoo simplifies the cleansing process in a dramatic way. This shampoo cleanses your scalp and hair with our proprietary blend of mild sulfate-free surfactants. This blend combined with our humectant and conditioning agents is engineered to add hydration while eliminating build-up, preventing dryness, and providing repair. Thus you hair is left feeling luxurious and...

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5 Coco Curls Moisturizing Hair Product Gift Set

A moisturizing hair products gift set:
Coco Curls Hydrating Shampoo to cleanse, hydrate and condition.
Coco Curls Revitalizing Conditioner to condition, detangle and strengthen.
Coco Curls Moisturizing Styling Cream to moisturize, add shine and definition.

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