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1 ConairPRO Conair PRO Whitebird 1" Straightening Iron

Conail PRO Whitebird 1" Straightening Iron will leave your hair sleek and straight!

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2 ConairPRO ConairPro Thermal Ceramic 2000 Dryer

ConairPro Thermal Ceramic 2000 Dryer is the professionals choice!

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3 ConairPRO ConairPro YellowBird Hair Dryer

With its lightweight AC motor, this 1875 watt dryer offers 2 speed/4 heat settings. Concentrator nozzle and straightening pic included.

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4 ConairPRO ConairPro Plimatic Mitt Diffuser

ConairPro Plimatic Mitt diffuser fits virtually all 1875 watt hair dryers. Gently dries hair while maintaining curl without frizz.

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5 ConairPRO Conair Pro Prostyler Finger Diffuser

Conair Pro professional Finger Diffuser fits most dryers.

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6 ConairPRO ConairPro Voltage Converter and Adapter Set

Converter and adapter set includes 4 adapters that fit most foreign wall outlets, 1 converter for all 4 adapters and a zippered travel/storage pouch. Converts 220V foreign electricity to 110V for use with most USA domestic appliances.

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